Friday, March 30, 2012

Bhai Behen Ka Pyaar

My Nephew (Zef) is in love with Z. For him his 'Chhota Baby' forms his world. Though we are based in Bangalore and my sister is in Delhi, this doesn't lessen the love both of them share. Zef showers Z with all sorts of hugs, kisses and even shares his cars (his priced possession) with Z. Z on the other hand LOVES the pampering. Both the toddlers have a rocking time together.

The last time Zef-Z met was in December and they had lots of fun together. I was on BBM with my elder sister last night and she narrated an incident that I can't afford give it amiss on my blog.

My younger sister (whose studying in UK) is visiting Delhi these days. Since she stays away from home, she simply adores her nephew/niece. She pampers them like crazy. Zef also loves his 'Nookha' (that's what they call her) most of the time. Off late he has started hitting Nookha (maybe because he's going through a phase). So here's the convo my elder sister (ES) had with Zef:

ES: Nookha is my sister, like Z is yours...

Zef sat down and after thinking for sometime...

ES: If you hit Nookha, Mamma will hit Z
Zef sat down on the floor and started shouting, yelling and howling like crazy

Zef: Nahin Chhoti Baby humari sister hai, usko koi nahin marega. Hum usko cupboard mein chhupa denge... Hum aapko danda marenge 
Zef: I won't hit Nookha, but please, please Z baby ko koi nahin maaro.

Ahhh... that is such a cute relationship.... Isn't it?


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