Friday, March 30, 2012

My baby cares and it shows!

Z is obviously growing close to her dad. I really can't blame her actually, while she's awake she sees Fizz hardly for 2-3 hours on weekdays. Her 'Pa' gives her Z's morning and evening bath and makes her go to bed at night. She sees me 24*7 and sees me shouting at her along with all the hugs, kisses and appreciation she receives from me. I get to do all the things Z hates, its a task making her change clothes, combing her hair, making her wear shoes, and trying to make her sleep for her mid-day nap. The moment she sees Fizz enter the main door in the evening, she forgets about her mum (the poor soul who has been running after her all day long). I kept on thinking why... Why is she closer to her Pa... and forgets about her 'Ba' in the evening. At times it made me depressed.

Today Z did something 'magical' that told me 'Mumsu ... I care. I love U.' She was playing with her Pa and I was sitting besides her and watching TV. Suddenly she saw something on my shin (there's a dark brown spot, a birthmark on my right shin). Now after observing that for a few seconds, she jumped off from her Pa's lap, sat on the floor. And started patting on the birthmark. Then she started wiping that area with her hand as if she wanted to remove that spot. I just sat there and smiled as I observed her. After a lot of failed attempts, she stood up, climbed on my lap and hugged me tight.

Whoa... I was moved to tears. These small gestures by my little sunshine make all my worries vanish and all my days bright n beautiful. Thank U baby... And Mumsu loves u a lot.


  1. complete awww post. These kids are just angles sent from above. Hugs to Z.

  2. To the first part of ur post...scenario is same in my household....Mishti shrieks & start jumping when she see her dad and forgets mamma :-(

    For the second part....sho shweeeet...luv to that li'l angel. :-)

    1. Can't really blame em... they see us the entire day. 24*7 :-)


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