Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrating Myself

The feeling, just the thought of 'celebrating myself' is amazing. I want to do it, and I do take out time to celebrate myself as often as I can. Though this is for a women's day contest, but today it's more the person in me that I want to celebrate; and not just me as a woman (which I'm proud of). Here it goes:

I try to remain happy as much as I can. I do go through mood swings, arguments and torture my husband at times. Having said that, I also believe in smiling as much as I can, become an agony aunt when required and believe in pampering my husband and myself. I love life, for the moments that we live in and these moments make every day special. I don't think a lot and try not to worry about things that aren't in my hand.

An understanding, loving and caring companion is something everyone needs (per me). Thanks to my husband and best friend that I can boost of having someone like him. He respects me for who I'm, loves me to bits and understand me. He helps me alot when it comes to household chores or bringing up Z.

I love being a mother of the most adorable 15 months old little girlie. When I hear people say "Oh! She is adorable, she is just like you". I feel like I'm on top of the world and I start feeling special.

I love my parents for bringing me up the way they have. They taught their daughters the importance of education, career and a life beyond just your family and your house. If I'm labeled as a confident, rooted, strong, feminist it's a big thank-you and hug to them.

I enjoyed being a career women for more than 6 years and after my daughter came into my life I gave it all up. This is an extremely tough thing to do, and I love what I'm doing right now.  

The best thing about me, which I don't want to change about myself is that I love being me. I know I might sound like some self-obsessed moron. I don't say I'm perfect, I do want to change many things about myself... but I love myself for the person I'm. That for me is very important if you want to Celebrate Yourself. I'm proud of who I'm today and I would say all of us should be in love with ourselves.

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  1. Brought smile in my face. Cheers to womanhood and its diversity!


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