Friday, March 16, 2012

Thank God for Mother's instinct

This happened day before yesterday and the incident shook me. I want to thank God for Mother's instinct. People have been telling, with toddlers its the case of 'nazar hati durghatna ghati'... but I always believed in letting Z be. Even now I'm a strong believer of that, but I have become more cautious and try to keep an eye on her. 

So what happened was Ma'am Z was sitting in her favorite hideout. Under the dining table and she mustv'e picked something and kept in her mouth. I was in the kitchen, don't know how I felt uncomfortable and I went to check on Z. The moment I saw her I knew she had something in her mouth. I put my finger in her mouth and took an inch long piece of broken glass. Lord it was pathetic, I checked her mouth and Ma'am Z was just fine. So now I have a bigger task at hand of keeping a continuous eye on her besides the household chores.

Thank God for  Mother's instinct ... Love u baby...


  1. Ohhhh Freakkkkkkk.....thank GOD that shez safe. take care

    1. She is good Nibedita...It was me who got terribly scared


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