Sunday, April 29, 2012

Battle with The Bulge (Week Update)

Pretty much on track. As planned, Today was my cheat day so did cheat, but didn't actually indulge.

I'm happy.

New Development - Need to start on my Jillian Micheals DVD from next week onwards (7th May). Reason why from next week - my body is getting comfortable with this routine right now.

So here is a virtual hug for being on track, looking forward to seeing results soon.

Friday, April 27, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

How I just LOVE these rains... Took Zoe for a stroll... It started raining, had to rush back but that rushing back (for once) was fun. Nice fresh breeze, raindrops falling on your face, and my baby singing and enjoying. These sure are a few of my favorite things.

I wrote this on this on Facebook and it made me think what actually are things that make me smile. So here are a few (ten) of my favorite things.

  • I love smiling and making others. I'm pretty optimistic and hate pessimists (if you are one. Please! spare me...) I have my mood swings but I like being The Happy Me.
  • Getting pampered and being the center of attention (I'm a Leo and you can't blame me). And I love to pamper you back. Nothing can match up to a nice hair cut.
  • Love seeing a smile on my loved one's faces (Fizz, Z, Ma...)
  • Dancing and Aerobics. When I'm stressed and feeling low that's what I do.
  • Movies (English rom-coms, Aamir Khan movies, nice old Hrishekesh Mukherjee, Nasir Hussain or a few Basu Chatterjee movies). And I love Bollywood Songs. (especially Hindi movie songs, RD Burman my all time fav)
  • Long Drives/walks in the rains
  • Baking especially Cakes
  • Reading out and playing with Z... In fact just being with Z makes me go lalalaa..laaaaa..
  • Arguing with Fizz ;-)... Just knowing he's there and being with him is awesome.
  • Writing... I love writing.
After having jotting this down I have come to the following conclusions:
  • Writing this and thinking about it has made me smile... I'm happy 
  • I'm a 'no-fuss' person, simple things keep me happiest. 
Want to stay happy... do what I have done.

Yeah I know this is 2 year old snap... And I'm double the size now :-)
But I love my smile in this one.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fizz The Father

The title of the post might sound filmy, but this is one of the best post (per me) I have written. :-)

Whenever I see Fizz n Z together I can't help but look with a complete 'Awwwww' and feel all blessed. I have written about them on and off but nothing exclusively on their bond (which is something special). I keep reading a lot of parenting blogs and I loved one such post by Mama-Mia that I decided to do my perspective on Fizz and Fatherhood.

Fizz has always been quiet comfortable with handling kids, before Z came in our lives... Fizz has been a favorite of kids... Be it with his own nieces and nephew or my nephew. Zefan (my nephew) shares a closer bond with Fizz, so much so that he addresses Fizz with his pet name... (Don't ask me what that is...) Before Z came into our lives Fizz was not very comfortable handling small babies though.
Fizz with Zefan
Things took a 360 degrees change when Z was born. Its said when a child is born a mother is born. In our case a Father and a Mother were born. Being a new 1st time mom I was apprehensive taking care of Z in the initial weeks, but Fizz became the perfect dad that he is from Day 1. He didn't make me think for a single second that Z was just my responsibility. For me, Fizz was the perfect hands on Daddy. I started respecting/loving Fizz even more in the weeks post Z was born. Night time Feeds became chatting (read gossip) sessions, Z's colic cries meant Fizz taking Z in his lap and roaming around till she fell asleep, he consumed all his paternity leaves and Work From Home to be with us.

When we shifted to Bangalore (Z was 4 months old). He made sure he was there with both of us. I used to complain to Fizz constantly that I don't know why Z is crying, why she's not taking her feed, how to start solids... I used to tell him "I'm good for nothing, I don't know anything." He just told me "no one can give you a Guide on parenting, we have to bring Z up the way we want to."

When we enrolled Z for her first Mommy-Toddler program, Fizz made me shift the classes from Friday to Saturday just to make sure he comes along and participates. There hasn't been a single doctor visit where Fizz hasn't accompanied me.

Fizz has now become a pro (he always was actually). He bathes Z, changes her diaper (faster than I do), makes her get ready, feeds her breakfast, makes her meals (when he gets time), makes her go to sleep at night... He sure is a better parent and I don't have any second thoughts on that.

Fizz and Z share an awesome bond. Fizz has instructed me "you wanna discipline Z do it, lemme spoil her". Z goes "Da-Da-Da-Da" the moment our doorbell rings in the evening. He doesn't leave her for a second once he's back from work. When we go out to a restaurant or a mall Z tags on to Pa.

I love seeing the both of them together and love the way they are so happy in each other's company Mash'Allah.

Fizz's 1st picture with Z!

Late night chat

Happy with each other

Colic Times

Play Time

Z's favorite right

That is how she slept

Breakfast is fun with Pa

Helping Pa out on his research

Serious discussion


Fun time with Pa
Z's first eid at Dada-Dadi's house
Ba-Bye time

Both are equally focused

Walky Walky with Pa

Splash Splash

Fun at Fort Aguda

Time to chill

Pool was fun with Pa

Pa irritating Z for a change
 Finally... since Fizz is so obsessed with her dotty, I plan to get a T-Shirt personalized for him:

Thanks Api for the picture.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

17 Months and Going Strong...

Z Baby... Happy 17th Month Sweetheart!

You have become naughtier and a happier baby (God Bless, touch wood). It seems like you have an energizer every morning and make Mumsu go mad just running after you (thanks ;-)). You are also becoming obedient (when you want to, that is). So here is what's happened in the month gone by:

Chatter-Chatter: You love reading books a loud. You love speaking to characters on TV, be it Teletubbies, Baby Jake, kids on AFV or your Brainy Baby DVD. Your 'Baye' has become 'Bayeeeeeee' or 'Bye-Bye', yeah you say that very clearly.  When ever you want water you go nymmmmm, nymmmmm, nymmmmm and bring your sipper. When you like whatever you are eating (whenever you do that is) you go yummmm, yummmm, yummmm.  Your way of expressing is more by doing and showing... Like giving Mumsu the remote when I switch the TV off because you were watching it from pretty close, tugging Ma's/Pa's trousers when you want to climb in our lap. You love imitating whatever  you hear...

Trekking Goes on: Z, you are now able to climb a flight of stairs without Mumsu/Pa's help... You don't crawl when you climb, you hold the wall with 'one hand' and climb. Wowieeeeeeeeeee... Big achievement... Super baby!!! Mwaaaaah for that.

I hate visiting my doctor: The way you shriek, its not even funny. The moment you enter Dr. Rao's cubicle you shriek coz now you know you're going to get 'Poi-Poi' (injection).

Looking forward to Potty Training: I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping potty training is smooth sail as your early transition/milestones were. You make sure you come to Mumsu and Pa and tell them before you want to poop, you sit down in Indian Potty pose (funny)... Even when you want to Pee you start pulling your diaper. So I guess its time. All the best baby... All the best Mumsu/Pa.

Z Bani Dhobi: Z has found this new obsession of taking out and putting in her clothes which are kept for washing. In a day she does it 4-5 times.

I can climb off anything/attempt to: Z is pretty comfy sitting in her Highchair during her meals. As soon as her meal is over, madam doesn't want to stay seated for a second. Twice (once I did purposely to show Fizz) I left her for a fraction of a second to keep the used plate in the kitchen... Z used that time to try and climb off her high chair. She took out one leg and was literally hanging half on the highchair and half in air. And for those saying why I don't use a belt provided on the highchair... Simple Z doesn't like that... And if she doesn't like something she doesn't like it... Period.

Refrigerator is my Best Friend: Z has not only found out how one opens and shuts the Fridge door, She keeps on opening the door (and leave it open). Yes, she is giving Mumsu and Dad another reason to sweat. She cares a damn about the electricity bill and if she throws things kept in the fridge out, its not her fault.

Orite so I'm 17 Months Old... Is it a big deal?

Z's obsession with books continue.
The 'Chick's' current favorite The Chick book

Watching her favorite Teletubbies

Ammoo... Love my first Churidar Kurta

Dancing on 'AuntyJi'

Z's Favorite ride

Z in her favorite Lap
Z's Poo-Poo-Pose :-))

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays

Z and I were watching 'College Road Trip' on Z Studio. I really like the movie and watch it mostly when it comes on TV. Its about this girl who wants to go to Georgetown University. Her overprotective dad tries to stop her, then after giving in, he plans to drop her to her destination. 

Z has now started reacting on things, she watches or hears by laughing/shrieking etc. There's this one scene where the dad-daughter duo sky dive unwillingly. They shout and are terribly scared. Z loved this scene and started copying them. She was shrieking and laughing, while Mumsu was looking at her and smiling.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Battle with The Buldge

I have once fought this battle but that was when I was younger (not that I'm old now ;-)), fresh out of college and had lots of free time and energy. I was an obese kid/teen and I lost 37 kgs. Yes... Not only that I maintained my weight, I did go up and down the scale, but I managed to reduce when I wanted to.

During my pregnancy I had put on 13 kgs and would've easily lost it. I had lots of people around and started working out after a month and a half of Z's birth. Then I shifted to B'lore, stuck in the house with a small baby, didn't get time to get acquainted with the place. Top it all I twisted my ankle which took long to heal. No exercise and not much movement ... Nateeja : it took a toll on my back. So basically I've been in a MESS (put on more weight). And I HATE it.

Cut to Present: its enough, I have been slowly trying to get into a routine. I'm trying to get my body used to the kind of workout I used to do... It took me 4 months but now I manage to do close to an hour of workout everyday (except Sunday). I'm working at a size 12, Fizz will kill me if I become any thinner than that, and becoz I have a decent height/I'm broad anything below a 12 won't suit me and it would be an unrealistic goal. More than that I want to be fit and healthy.

My Current Routine: I do aerobics for 30 minutes in the morning. At night I do my Abs and low impact stretch and toning (which is a combined 30-35 mins routine). I'm pretty much on track (touchwood), and plan to lose a good amount of weight by year end Insh'Allah.

What works for me:
  • Thankfully I LOVE aerobics and felt absolutely lost when I wasn't able to do it last year.
  • I'm not a Foodie, I eat brown bread, no sugar, 90% am on brown rice (if I have rice that is). When I have non-veg (maybe once in a week/fortnight) I have chicken.
  • I have dinner latest by 7
  • I'm not too fond of chocolates/sweets/colas/tea/coffee.

Where's the problem?:
  • I'm a stress eater (I have to control this, working on it)
  • I munch late at night (have to start working on this)
  • I'm an obese, and in the last 11 years I maintained my weight was because of my exercise and eating habits. So I put on weight in a jiffy and take AGES to lose it.

So, I want all of you who are reading this blog to share your experience and write nice motivating things in the comment box below. I'll be happy. Love u guys.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Letter from Mom - The Monster

Dear Z,

Mumsu has been really upset stressed for  couple of days. There's no one to help Mumsu n Pa out at home these days. Pa is taking this very nicely but Mumsu has her famous mood swings back with a bang.

You, on the other hand, are growing into a very inquisitive, naughty and chirpy toddler. You are very good at following instructions baby (Mash'Allah... And Kalaa Teeka for that). I have to tell you once and *mostly you listen to what I say. The problem arises when you don't... Or when Mumsu is busy and you need me. Mumsu gets irritated and snaps back. I'm sorry baby... I know its not your fault at all but its my fault.

I promise (we have already spoken about it a few hours back) that I would think for at least 100 times before raising my voice at you. I'm sorry baby. Mumsu love you loads.

Lots of love:
Monster (Mumsu)

*Conditions Apply

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Child In Me...

You call me child-like, happy-go-lucky (where did this term come from anyways) or you call me childish. I have always managed to keep the child in my alive (some people envy me, some also get irritated at times... But that's me). 

I just like being that ways, I'm not careless or irresponsible. I just love being happy and in a nice mood. I do have my mood swings (major ones... like kids have tantrums) but I know how to come out of em as soon as possible. I love myself (I know I can be irritating, I'm struggling with my weight 'right now', I speak a lot at times, I can be pretty harsh - but I'm now 'sugar coated' ...) and I would only wanna improve myself so that I fall in love with myself even more. ;-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays

I'm starting 'Toddling Tuesdays', I read it once in a Blog of a Toddler mom and liked the concept. Basically 'Toddling Tuesdays' tell you about an incident that took place in the week where Z completely surprised us by what she did/said.

So here it goes the 1st Toddling Tuesday - Z loves resting once in a while on the bean bag (she just does that for a 1-2 mins that's another story). Now she knows how to get off the bean bag but generally it used to be a task for her to get down, our bean bag can be a pretty wobbly. Today (16th Apr) she just put her foot down and got up like we adults do. I just kept looking at her stunned with my mouth open.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Does being a parent means stop being a lover!

I remember asking in our Facebook Mommie's group, how they take out time for themselves and their partners when they have a small baby to take care of. Well, that was then... just a few months after Z was born and I was totally clueless. 

Now that Z is 16.5 months I have learned many things. Fizz and me share a very special bond (touch wood) and when Z came in our lives our relationship became stronger. I have seen many people (new parents) get so engrossed in dealing with their new role they forget their partner exist.

I understand that handling a baby is an extremely challenging task... but that doesn't mean you can't  take out sometime (just a couple of minutes) from your daily schedule to communicate with each other... pamper one another... surprise them... go on a date... plan a nice family vacation. Its extremely important to  be there for each other and take out time for yourselves. The point is your partner is your 'partner for life'. Sure your baby needs you right now... He/She will need you for many years, but eventually someday they'd want to go their own way. And you wouldn't want to be selfish enough to stop them.

In this tryst of becoming the perfect parent don't lose out on another very important person in your life... And believe me you would have a happier baby growing in front of your eyes when the baby will see a happier set of parents.

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Day as a SAHM

I really don't know if I can call myself a 'Stay at Home Mum', because I do work on a few Freelance writing assignments every week. Whatever it is, my days(weekdays) are extremely planned - well most of it. I have a schedule chalked out for me n Z. When Fizz comes home at night our Schedule goes for a toss (and I like it that way). I have a cook and a part-time maid who come in the morning (that's not because I don't have time, its because I hate cooking anything which doesn't involve baking). So here is what my day looks like:
  • Fizz is the first one to get up, because I'm the last one to sleep at night... As simple as that ;-)
  • I get up, water my plants, do some ab exercise, have breakfast and go for my shower... Fizz during this time attends to Z. Giving her breakfast.
  • When Fizz gives Z her morning bath (he loves giving Z a bath both in the morning and evening and spend Quality time) I prepare breakfast for Fizz.
  • After seeing the maid, cook and Fizz off. Its CBeeBies time for Z and some reading time for me.
  • I look into what Z needs to eat and if anything needs to be made separately.
  • Z n Mamma have lunch latest by 1pm post which Z takes a long nap at around 130.
  • Mamma gets her much deserved 'me-time' where I do my 30 mins workout at home. Can't really leave Z alone.
  • After this I attend to my writing assignments if any, log on Facebook (on my laptop). And then I go back to some reading.
  • While watching TV, I make myself a cup of coffee, put clothes for washing and check what to give Z for snacks.
  • Z gets up at 330, when she needs milk and a light snack. I prefer giving her fresh fruits.
  • I read out to Z, followed by some rhyme-time on You Tube.
  • Following this Z plays by herself and I go back to some reading or some chores which need to be taken care of.
  • Then the best time of the day arrives (unfortunately there are no parks near our apartment and the roads are not in a very good shape). I take Z on our terrace where she loves to catch some fresh air, and get some bruises (she gets so excited she runs all over the place). Once in a week I take Z to Cafe Coffee Day, where Ma enjoys her coffee and her muffin enjoys a muffin.
  • Back in our apartment Z watches TV while I prepare Z's dinner which she has at around 7ish (if she's had a muffin she hardly eats anything).
  • Then Z has her dinner and plays while waiting for her 'Pa'. Pa arrives at around 8-830.
  • I take a sigh of relief as now Pa takes over. Post that my day (or whatever is left of it, is full of me-time/family time.) In which I surf net, watch TV, prepare whatever has to be done for dinner and have dinner with Fizz, go on a drive once in a while, and do  whatever I wanna do.
  • Once Z sleeps then its Fizz-Me time. It lasts hardly 15 minutes but that's one of the moment I look forward to in the entire day.
So basically my life's not very interesting, but the 2 beautiful souls I have for company make it a dream come true everyday. Do I feel blessed or what. *Kalaa Teeka, *Touchwood, *ThankGod and all that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going 'Awwwwwww' seeing Daddy-Daughter

I've always maintained Z is her Pa's daughter. She loves me a lot but when you see her with Pa they're in a different zone altogether.

I have been my A.J's princess myself, so seeing Z with her Pa make me miss A.J all the more.

This incident happened when Fizz went to Delhi for a day. He had an early morning flight and was back by mid-night. Fizz left home at around 4am and I managed to sleep only after that. Now Z generally sleeps till 9-9:30 and  loves to see her Pa the first thing in the morning. That day in the middle of her sleep she decided to check on Pa at around 630. She took a few seconds to realize that Fizz was missing. Z shrieked badly, I woke up all of a sudden. When I held her she started hitting me... (Yeah she does that at times). It took me a good 20 mins to calm her down and go back to sleep again. That was a pathetic start to a long n tiring day ahead.
I feel its good that Pa-Z bond fabulously n all, but ... Hellllllooooo.....I exist.

P.S: As I'm typing this on my phone, Z comes running and hugs me, as if she's reading my thoughts. Awwwwwwww. Gotto go people, can't give up on 'Huggie time'.

That's the scene every morning. They hate seeing each other off.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's this comparison all about?

You know what? I hate 2 people comparing at what age their kid reached a particular milestone. I know 'hate' is an expression which people should not use regularly. Hating something/someone is a 'big' deal, but I just can't help hating it when people start comparing. What is totally weird is that I fall into this 'comparison' trap many times.

Z reached all her milestones before time (except walking which she started in her 14th month).  I know babies have time till they reach their 18th month and many completely normal toddlers are slow walkers.  I 'hate' to admit I became a complete wreck when I waited every single day for Z to walk. I remember things became bad when I visited some relatives when Z had just turned 9 months. Per them Z should've started walking by them (I wanted to shout out 'Hellloooo... Its 9 months not 9 years... What the hell'). Their babies were running at 9 months according to them... I sure didn't expect Z to walk that early, but these relatives made me think and go bonkers.

I learned it the hard way. I made myself go through a lot of stress (which I later realized isn't worth it). Worrying, stressing and forcing your baby (which thankfully I didn't) doesn't help. Your baby will do things at 'their' own pace. Like you, your baby/toddler is an individual, let them do things at their own pace.

Now the next thing everyone is stressing over is 'You haven't started potty training YET???'. My suggestion for you all 'concerned' souls is 'I know what's right for Z and what's not, when I need your advise I'd ask. Till then Thanks but, no thank'.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ms. Chitter-Chatter

Fizz and I are quite similar to each other and yet we have a lot of differences. The most glaring difference is that I'm a chatter-box (most of the time when I don't go into 'my zone'). Fizz on the other hand is a man of a few words. No, he's not the serious types, he's witty, funny, its just that he doesn't speak much.

Z is like both of us (mostly like me... hehehheee). When it comes to speaking, thankfully Z has taken the 'chatter-box' title ahead from me. She goes on speaking:
  • while watching Teletubbies
  • while pretending to read a book
  • while watching 'Auntyji' on TV
  • when we play 'wheels of the bus' or any of her favorite rhyme.
  • while taking a stroll
  • while having a bath
  • while her Pa makes her sleep at night.

Not only this, she has also taken up my habit of going into a zone of her own at times. Here she wants to be on her own, stand/sit quietly and do her own thing. This zoning out lasts only for a few seconds though. Like me again, she takes her sweet time to open up when she is amongst strangers, but once she does she becomes her own self. 

Like Mumsu... Like Z