Thursday, May 31, 2012

So whose on your Speed Dial List/Favourite BBM contact.

I read an article on a parenting website and that gave me an idea to write a fun but true blog post.

I know mums are Rockstars and all that... We can do everything our baby wants, but a little help doesn't really harm. Having TRUSTED people around/speaking to them acts as a big stress buster for new moms like me. So here is a list of characters every mom needs in the Drama called life.

Hands-On Hubby: I've always bragged about Fizz in many posts, and he deserves every bit of it. He's a pro (Mash'Allah) when it comes to handling Z and me. I can be in my worst of moods, shout, scream, do anything and he just listens (well, most of the time). He's my punching bag, I have to share every damn thing with him. He's just Fab.
Your Mom - I'll have to admit my mom's not very comfortable in handling a baby... She says she's forgotten everything about bringing up babies. I frankly don't need her for that. Just like Z needs me, I need my mommy. No matter how much I argue with her at the end of the day, I'll need her no matter what.
Elder sister/Experienced Mom Friend - no one understood my post-partum depression as Api (my  Elder sis) did. She constantly lends a ear to my constant whining, nagging, aspirations, dreams, gossips everything. She listens to me patiently and  advises me on (especially regarding Z) just when I need it.
A trusted Pediatrician- with kids, you need someone who can advise you on health issues. There are times when you feel worried just about nothing and no one can make you feel better than your baby's Pead.
A bunch of New Mommy Friends- thanks to my 'New Mommies World' group on Facebook, I have loads of super reliable, equally worried mommies... Who are exactly in the same situation as I'm. We discuss things without being biased, give advise when needed and lend a ear when we need to speak out.
An unmarried Friend - Unfortunately all my close friends are married with babies. And one of my Best friend (whose married but not a mommy yet) lives far far away in the U.S. My younger sister could've definitely fit the bill but she's studying in UK.(Dammit). What does this friend do? She talks to you about everything besides baby and marriage, keeps you updated on what's happening around, accompanies you to the salon/spa sessions, goes shopping, plans girls night out...
A punching Bag - Fizz my Biggest and Cuddliest Punching Bag. No one can take that title away from him.
Your Best Buddy - All my most amazing friends aren't in Bangalore, or anywhere close by. So I stay in touch with them on Facebook. (Thanks to technology). The best part is I can tell them any damn thing and they would give me the best advise.
Your Workout Friend- extremely important. I've many friends with whom I can speak about working out. Thanks to Ashi for inspiring me. Babes, you stay so far away but seeing your post A (her baby) pictures just made me  work hard and sweat it out. You rock girl. When I've done something awesome (be it related to workout or diet) Api is one person who is the 1st one to know. And most of the time, I scold her for not working out. I become a fitness expert with Apz. And then there's Thakur with whom I can joke about working out and being extremely lazy to move your *ss. Thanks for inspiring me guys.

I feel so good after jotting these down. What about you? Whose on your Speed Dial List?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Queen of Expressions.

A baby toddler can teach show someone what expressions/mood swings are all about... I used to think I'm the undisputed Drama Queen of my Khaandaan... but what a tragedy... my own daughter has left me behind.

These pictures were taken within 5 minutes and you can see her drama.

The Naughty me

My Middle name is 'Tantrums'

The 'Oh-So-Innocent' me

I'm all surprised

The Oh So Happy Me... 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays

My AJ was the most chilled out dad in the whole wide world. My Ma on the other hand was and still is an 'its either my way or the highway' kinda mum. (I don't have a problem with that,  the 3 of us know how to handle her :-*). Now she's become more of 'emotional jazz' kind of mum, but still she gets things done according to her sweet will... Earlier she was extremely strict. If she said 'no' for anything, we weren't supposed to get a reason for that. If we asked for the reason...  [being the 'brat' - (me), and the 'rebel' - (my younger sis) of the house], we often asked for it... All we got for an answer was "Because I said so...". Now I love my mum... but I don't understand this bit of her parenting style, and ALWAYS (by default) argued with her on the same. 

I don't wanna become an 'I said so' parent. I had decided that pretty early on in my life. Whenever I want/think Z should not be doing something, I'll sit down and will try to explain it to her (to the best of my ability). I don't believe in the fact that parents (because they're parents) are always right. We have an opinion, which we should put in front of our kids... Before trying to impose something on them (if that's important). I know this TT is a little different, but its something I wanted to discuss. What do you think?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun Z had in her Activity Class

I have been wanting to pen this post down for a long time, but somehow found some other interesting topic whenever I sat to blog. So here it goes. Z's 1st parent toddler class was at Rhythm & Rhyme (RnR) Bangalore. This was a fun program where both parents and babies have lots of fun. The kids interact with other children in their age group and have a blast. The music, props, dance, space... the energy of the place makes them happy. I enrolled for the class in January this year... The summer batch is starting in June and we are all set to attend the class once again.

RnR has different batches, the batch that Z attends as of now is 'Bugs' which consists of babies and toddlers between 6 months and 2 yrs.

Ms. Vivienne, the founder and main instructor is a bundle of energy, and she passes on that energy to all in the class. We also attended a few classes conducted by Gina, but Ms. Viv is definitely the better instructor, the kids love her.

Z had a whole lot of fun. She loved the music and playing with different musical instruments (it's there we realised, she loved playing with toys that make music). She was always excited to meet kids her age and loved running around and dancing in the class. The class made all the kids bright and cheerful. I'm looking forward to more classes soon.

You can get to know more about them on their website

Didn't take the cam so had to take pictures from our mobile.
Will upload better pictures soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Adult... Not Yet! Happy 18 Sweetheart!

Hey Little Lady,

A big Hug... And lots of kisses to my Princess.

You are now all grown up my sweet pea (18 months) 1.5 years. You will hate me when I treat you like a baby... but sweetheart I still have all rights to treat you as one.

So no need to start flying when I say you are now an Adult (in baby/toddler dictionary)... 18 is an adult... Right?

So coming to the month that has gone by.

You have become a Yapping Machine. Unfortunately Fizz and I don't understand most things U say... But you make it a point that you make us understand everything. You talk to us constantly, when a phone rings or you see a phone you go "Heyoooo... Blah! Blah! Blah!". No one, and I mean NO ONE can stop you Z. You sit with your books (your priced possessions) and go "Ba Baaa, Dight, Heehaaa....".  As if that's not enough, you have to pick a word from a sentence we've said and you make sure you repeat it. That happens every Bloody time we say something. Sigh!!! The only time you sit quietly is either when you're strapped in the car seat enjoying the view or when you're  sleeping.

Ice-cream is something that brings a huge smile on your face. Whatever the flavor, your weekly Baskin Robins trip is the best thing. And you look forward to it the entire week (me thinks).

You have learned the art of sharing (finally). If you have 2 sweets and Ma puts her hand out, you give a sweet to me without thinking twice, with a big smile on your face. Post that you keep on looking at me till I say 'Thank You' and you give an even prettier smile.

As if words aren't enough, you point at stuff to make what you're saying clear to us and bring things to us (like your bottle, bag, toys, BOOKS). You take instructions very well MaShaAllah, and its not a task to make you understand things.

You have started helping us in 'cleaning up' your mess (toys n books). Its something which we do as an evening ritual... With our clean-up song. We bring stuff to you and you put it in Z basket or vice-verse. You take out dirty clothes from the basket and keep them back (point to be noted: you just do that with your cloth basket and not Ma's, Pa's basket.) When you pick Aaloo/Pyaaz from the  basket in the kitchen or a utensil from the drawer. You make sure you keep it right back... And when you can't keep it back you give it to Ma/Pa to keep it back.

Coming to body parts you know your nose, lips, tongue (your favorite), tum-tum and bum. You also point at your dolly's nose, lips and tum-tum. Unfortunately your dolly doesn't has tongue (it doesn't show).

Music makes you go Mad. The way you dance  on all the item numbers is not funny. You look so damn cute when you shake that bum of yours. Your current favorite are the 2 item numbers from Ishaqzaade. You somehow know when a song isn't meant to be a dance number. Nothing explains when you stand still and listen to 'Kun Fayaa Kun' (from Rockstar) in awe... And I just love the way you smile looking at Shahid Kapur in 'Rabba mein toh' (from Mausam) but you don't dance on this song as well.

You know your mum is an excellent story teller (all the kids love me for this, coming from my own dotty... I felt amazing). You bring your books to me (even when Pa's around) every 10 mins and love the way I read them out to you. Thanks for loving me as a story teller. I get a bonus when you hug me, every-time I finish reading a book. Love you jaan.

You know what's 'hot' if we say 'no Z, don't touch this... This is hot'. You remove you hand and say 'no-no-no'.

You have got a hang of your name. You often say 'Doe-Doe-Doe' and 'Do-Do-Do'. That is damn cute.

You give Ma a high five and start laughing when I try to dodge you.

 Your obsession with Teletubbies continues... So much so that as soon as the weird looking phone (or whatever it is) comes out to say 'time for Tubby Bye Bye'... You go 'Bee Bye-Bye' before that weird looking thing utters a word.

Now I'm reading Gina Ford's book on potty training (since I have no one experienced around). Ma planned to start training you already... But you know I wasn't well... Sorry baby.

 You love seeing Ma do aerobics, you laugh and try to move yourself as well. I must say you have started pretty early lady... Mwaaaaah!

You want to get carried (especially when Pa's around) You shriek when Pa puts you down or ignores you. People say its a phase... I just hope it is. That also reminds me, we went to Cubon Park last Sunday and you had a whole lotta fun. We didn't sit on any rides cause there were a lot of people, but you enjoyed nonetheless. You sat on a Pony (didn't go for a ride... You're too young - me thinks). You shrieked the moment Pa placed you on the Horse... While Ma was clicking pictures.

So all in all... A month with lots and lots to discuss. You are already 1.5 so next task (besides potty training) is school (Montessori) hunting. Phew!

I took this video a few days back.. The temperature in B'lore is soaring high... you can make this up from what Z is wearing. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I feel like a WINNER already.... Bring it on!

So the 'Battle with the Buldge' is going strong (toughwood)... and I'm someone who believes in celebrating little

moments which make me feel elated.

I do 30 minutes of walk in the morning, around 20 minutes walk + 15 minutes of Abs in the afternoon and finish my day with 30 minutes of aerobics. Today was one of the days that I was feeling extremely lazy, so I decided to do my aerobics in the afternoon... I was sure,looking at my condition, that I won't be able to workout at night.

Z generally loves looking at me and Jane Fonda when I do my aerobics, so I thought it won't be tough for me to handle her alone. I played the VCD and Z started following me. Then she brought her book up to me and wanted me to read it. I somehow managed to dogde her... she constantly kept tugging me and pulling my Tee. Those 30 minutes seemed like 3 minutes, because I was constantly trying to keep Z entertained. During the last 5 minutes she started whinning and wanted my attention. I had to hurry through my cool down and stretches (which I hate doing). When I finally was through I sat down with a glass of water... Z came to me and kept her head on my lap... I got my reward for doing my workout when I was feeling lazy. It made my day.

BTW did I tell you? I managed to lose 3 kgs in last one month... That's hardly anything, I know... but it sure is a good confidence booster.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Z's Mother's Day & Hubby's Birthday Gifts

I know this is coming in late, since Mother's Day and my Hubby's birthday happened a week ago. I decided it's not only me who will surprise Fizz on his Birthday but I'll give a gift from Z's side as well. Also, Mother's Day was coming up and since Fizz was damn busy, I decided to get something for myself as well (from Z :-)). 

I wanted both the gifts to be similar and I didn't want to spend much on these. I'm a huge fan of personalized Photo Mugs.... They can be made as you want them, will definitely be used a million times before they're broken... and Z's picture on the coffee mug is a BONUS. So here is a look at the mugs Z gave us and we loved them.

Mumsu's Mom's Day Gift

Another View

Pa's Birthday Gift

Another View... Please note focus on 'ATM' is the maximum :-)

Toddling Tuesdays- Visiting Cubon Park

We wanted to take Z to explore some nice open space for a long long time. Since Bangalore isn't a city we know much about (from a Parent's perspective) we decided to do a little research. 

Just FYI - Fizz has stayed in Bangalore for a couple of years in his Bachelor days.

We went through a post on Things to do with kids in Bangalore, and we zeroed down on Cubon Park (popularly known as Bal Bhavan). Z wasn't well on Saturday, so she wasn't in her true form when we started the drive.... but went back to her happy self by EOD. The park had a lot of things to do... Train ride, boat ride, kids rides, playground with slides, swings (which are totally worn out). It being a Sunday, there was a large number of people in the park (more than the park could 'pleasantly' accommodate). The grounds were nice where and we spent most of our time (whatever we spent there) walking on them. 

There is a ground opposite Bal Bhavan which had horses and kids were riding on them. I wanted to click a picture with Z sitting on the horse... will tell you what happened in a bit.

During the Ride.... at a traffic signal.

Managed to give her 'Sleepy Smile' when Pa requested
Talking to 'Pa' on phone LOL
Stunned to see so many people around!
Amazed by kids (and grown ups) skating
Didn't want to come off the lap coz she wasn't well
Pep-Talk with Mumsu
That's when she saw the horse
That's what happened when she sat on the horse

Bye-Bye time

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sleepless Nights

Today (Tonight actually), Fizz lost his temper on Z for the first time. Since past 3-4 days she doesn't sleep at night and if she does, she gets up at 2:00am and is up till 5-6 in the morning. It's always been Fizz who make Z go to bed at night and I do that for her day-time naps. Z does not want to change this at any cost.

So, what happened last night was that Z just kept shrieking the moment we put her on her bed and wanted Fizz to pick her up. Fizz did what she wanted at first, then started ignoring her. When Z continued this for an hour Fizz shouted at her... I know how guilty Fizz must have felt after that. He cannot tolerate when I speak to Z in a high pitched voice, he must've cursed himself for doing this.

What Z wanted (which we realized pretty late) was that I should leave the room. So, I have no option left... Even if I have fever, I cant make Z understand it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to my favorite Husband :-)

When I got married to Faizan 4.5 years back, both of us were sure we've found our soul mates. That feeling/belief has only become stronger now.... 

Don't  know about you Fizz, but here are my top 32 reasons for loving you (Why 32??? You know that :-))
  1. You are yourself, you don't waste your energy in being or trying to be someone/something you aren't. You are totally genuine.
  2. We're friends 1st.... Maybe because of the less age difference, similar personality, or God knows what... We understand each other. We don't have to communicate to one another and still know what we want. We love hanging out like friends and that's the best about our relationship.
  3. Your trait of never being able to say 'No' to anyone. I know you hate it, but I adore you for that.
  4. You aren't an MCP. Living with a feminist like me, and believing in a lot of things I say/do... I love you for this. Your recent Facebook status only proves I'm right... It said "Be kind to women, they take up half of the population... and are mothers to the other half !!! " #women #respect #salute. 
  5. You love shopping for Z & me more than shopping for yourself.
  6. You love movies like me... And you can watch and appreciate Rom-Com as you do your Sci-Fi movies (which I fail to understand). We like the same actors: Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Drew Barrymore, Tom Hanks... We also dislike the same actors: Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai ;-). One odd Priyanka Chopra doesn't really matter (but why do you like her???)
  7. You might like eating good food but you have never forced me to cook. You know how much I 'don't like' cooking.
  8. I used to love reading before I met you... but you introduced me to a whole lot of books which I hadn't read... Especially my favorite Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer.
  9. You aren't someone who doesn't show his emotions just because you are 'a man'. Neither do you become over emotional about things. You manage to create the perfect balance.
  10. You never force your ideas on me. I'm free to decide what I want to do, where I wanna go, what I want to buy. 
  11. I love your sense of handling finances well. That definitely is something time has taught you. Now you have learned how to create that awesome balance between saving and spending.
  12. You know how to pamper both your angels (me and Z). Being a Leo I love you for that.
  13. You genuinely seek my opinions. And you apply them in your life when you think I make sense (which is quite often).
  14. Your sense of humor, the fact that you're witty not cheap. 
  15. You like music... Thanks for introducing me to Presley's music. You like Hindi Film music as well, which is a big bonus.
  16. This has happened so many times. Whenever I'm thinking of you, you give me a call/text me (it just happened). P.S: That doesn't  mean you can ignore my calls 10 times a day. 
  17. Listening to my constant chatting... its commendable. Now that we're the 2 of us (Z n me) you hear our constant yapping without complaining.
  18. You let me have my 'kabza' over our living room when I want to work-out. You never ever complain.
  19. You not only do your share of the household chores, but at times you end up doing more than your share.
  20. You listen to all my nagging and constant complaining. You have seen me go through postpartum depression, constant mood swings, and consistent whining but you NEVER complain.
  21. When I put on so much weight, you are the one who is the 1st one to say 'I don't like skinny, slim women.' Yeah right... You are also the 1st one to encourage me when I'm working out or dieting.
  22. You are smart and extremely well-aware. You can comment/debate on any topic. Smart Bwaaaoy.
  23. You treat my family as yours. You share an excellent rapport with all of them without even trying too hard. You have become my family's Blue Eyed Boy...
  24. I don't like buying a lot of things (good for you!). Whenever I ask you for anything its very tough for you to say 'no'. Mwaaaaah for that.
  25. You don't fail to surprise me.
  26. You don't care much about  designer labels or brands. Still you make sure you don't look clumsy/dirty when you step out of the house.
  27. You love cooking more than I do. If both of us are tired and sitting in front of the TV in the evening, and you want to eat something... You go straight to the kitchen and start making it yourself. You don't even give me a hint that you want to eat something.
  28. Like a kid you get obsessed with a new thing we buy. Whether its a new fridge, mobile, television or even a utensil. You make sure you are the first one to use it. You make sure you by heart the entire user-manual (if there's any) and raise 10000 questions. Love that you've managed to keep the kid in you alive.
  29. You are capable of being extremely patient at times and can become extremely impatient and short tempered at other times (especially on Sunday nights)
  30. You can pour your heart out. And when you feel the need you don't shy away from saying 'I'm sorry' or 'I love you' or 'you are the best'. Mwaaah Mwaaaaaah for that.
  31. You might love me a lot but when I'm wrong you're the 1st one to tell me that.
  32. Z is blessed to have you (the best dad) and I can't thank Allah enough for you.

O.k 32 is over, but my reasons aren't.
Happy Birthday sweetheart. I know you hate celebrating your big day from the day you turned 30... but you're 32 honey... Accept it ;-).

May Allah bless you with all the good health, happiness, wealth, togetherness (as a family for the 3 of us) and a long life. Ameen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays

Heyo all.... Happy Tuesday.... 
I have already mentioned about Z's obsession with books...
Besides books, Z has another obsession that's of Mobile phones (like mommy :-D).
The moment a mobile ad comes or even if she sees a glimpse of a cell phone on TV she keeps a hand on her ear and goes 'Heeeyo-Heeeeyo... Blah...blah...blah...' as if she's talking to someone.
We were in Spar on Saturday and there were lots of people as usual ... It being a weekend. Fizz and Z were browsing through some sections while I was picking up some stuff for Z... When I was through I couldn't locate them and called Fizz to check where he was. He couldn't hear the ring, but Z did... And she kept on saying 'Heeeyo-Heeeeyo-'Heeeyo-Heeeeyo..' Till Fizz realized and took the call.
Now when Z's around... Fizz sure can't make an excuse saying "Oh! You were calling? I didn't hear it..." :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pa and his Muse - II

I think some of these pictures have come out really well. What do you think?

Classic Pose (Love this one)

Thinking what mischief she wants to do next

Got something

Chalking out her plan

Yeah!!!! Planned my next act

Need to cross this hurdle... 1.....



Yeah!!! Doing the Smarty Pants Dance

Now have to climb stairs

Yeah... climbed these flight of stairs alone.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Now TIME will decide "Are You Mom Enough?"

So all of a sudden this article in Time Magazine and the cover page has become a hot topic of debate. It is called 'Attachment Parenting', as if mothers who aren't breastfeeding their babies post infancy or not breast feeling at all (for whatever reason) are not 'attached' to their babies or vice versa. Who are we (or anybody) to make such comments. It is to each their own.

The headline (Are You Mom Enough???) and the pictures have created a lot of controversy and have become a topic of debate. Whether you want to breastfeed your baby till 6 months or 4 years that is a call you, your baby and the situation you are in takes.

Why create so much hype around it? What will happen to the boy featured on the cover is another story.

I know what you are saying Mum...

Z may be a girl of few words (yeah her vocab has around 7-8 words as of now... she keeps on adding to it though), but that doesn't stop her from being a chatter box, an avid reader and she follows instructions brilliantly :-) touch wood.

Z's love for reading and listening to stories is increasing by every passing day. So much so, that Fizz really get worked up when Z walks up to him with her book and pulls his trousers, going 'Pa-Pa-Pa'. Now Fizz can never get irritated when it comes to Z but the problem is she asks him to read a book at an interval of maximum 10 minutes... :-). Fizz's favorite reply "Haan Haan Aapka Homework bhi karana hai" :-)

She does the same with me. Today when we came back from our evening walk... Z brings her favorite Farm book and goes Ba-Ba (no, that's not for the sheep in the book, she calls me 'Ba'. Ba for sheep is longer with a vibrating effect)... When I was through with the book two times, I told her 'Z, go get another book...' and I pointed to a pile of Z's books. She said 'Buk' and goes, shuffles through the lot and picks up one.

When we were doing her evening 'clean-up' routine, I told her "Z, go bring that 'red block' quick". Then I pointed at the block. She, without even thinking twice picked up the block and handed it to me. 

With her favorite book

Running after me with a book to read

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toddling Tuesday - Handling a Clingy Baby

The moment Z lays eyes on her Pa she clings on to him. She's obsessed with him and vice versa. Taking Z in his lap for hours is becoming a problem, as Z is a growing toddler Mash'Allah. Fizz does get exhausted on weekends especially. So in malls or places where we find a little open spot we play 1-2-3 weeee (yeah that's something I developed on such a weekend). This time I came up with an excellent idea... when Z doesn't want to step down Pa's lap, we make her stand on the floor... Both holding one of her hand. And we go 1-2-3 Weeeeee... At 'weeeee' we swing her in the air. Z has fallen in love with it. And I'm feeling super... I'm still the smart one (well in some cases at least).

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank God For Baby Girls

Disclaimer : I seriously don't have anything against baby boys... I like baby boys as much as baby girls. 

What I saw this morning on TV was serious stuff. For a little over an hour the idiot box was not acting 'idiot'. I'm talking about Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate (this is not a fan talking, but a mother and a daughter expressing her views).
I have been blessed to be brought up in an family where girls are in majority. You are never made to feel that you are any less or any inferior to a boy. I lived for many years thinking that it works like this everywhere. When I grew up, I realized... the I'm not seeing the complete picture... not even a fraction of it. 

What I saw today was an eye opener. I had never realized that female infanticide was a bigger issue in urban India and amongst the so called 'elite-educated' section of the society. I saw women who were forced to abort their babies multiple times, had no option but to leave their house and survive on their own (hats off). I saw people who raised their voice were being suppressed... People involved in this crime were roaming freely. I came to know that this started in the 1970's when Government Hospitals encouraged sex determination to curb the rise in population.

I saw Fizz become all dew eyed and holding Z close to his heart (literally) for that entire 1.5 hours. 

And here were Fizz and I who always wanted a baby girl.

Here is a small request to God: Please don't give baby girls to monsters who do not appreciate her... realize she is as precious as anyone else... or even more. Please don't let them kill these treasures before these angels take their first breath. 

A proud mum to a baby girl. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Always Kiss Your Baby Goodnight...

Always Kiss Your Baby Goodnight... Even if s/he is already asleep.

This is something that I always (ALWAYS) do... Not only at night, I make sure I kiss her when she takes her afternoon nap.

It takes just a fraction of a second, but for me... Its my 'magical moment' of the day. I always knew I'd be happy when I will have my baby... And Z gives me so many reasons to be Happy. Love You my doll.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pa and his Muse

Fizz bought a new camera, and his camera exclusively clicks Z's pictures. Z is the best muse her Pa has got and the pictures are a proof of that.

That's my early morning look

Don't disturb me...

I need to watch some new songs now

I don't forget sucking my thumb

Oh! I haven't seen this song ever

I don't care if Pa wants to click my pictures

Thumb Sucking Continues

Pee - A - Boo

I see U

Not Again

Let Us Play

Let me go

I have lots of work to do

My most Innocent picture