Friday, June 29, 2012

The 'Ooooops' Moment

So I've been tagged by N Bose to write about my Ooooops moment. Can't avoid this one really, and I have so many to choose from that I have to think real hard on which one to pen down here. My life's been full of the 'Oooops' Moments, I suffer from something called the 'Foot in Mouth' syndrome.
OK... before I go ahead, let me clarify I'm not just a Mommy blogger, before Z was born I blogged on (do check it), when Z was born... I thought I'd maintain both blogs; but unfortunately that didn't happen.

Now, back to the topic, this one instance from college days stands out clearly (yes N... It is from about a decade back, from my college days, and an incident that happened in a Multiplex ... thankfully the similarity ends here and there was no porn playing there :)).

So, college days were the best days of my life, I was in a girl's college and I loved those 3 years like anything. Our Fridays were meant for movies, we made sure we gathered enough money, attend classes throughout the week (so that our attendance doesn't get affected), and enjoy a nice movie at PVR Saket every week. My gang-of-girls didn't enter the campus that day because we had planned so. I had some work in Admin's office and I promised my friends I'd be out within no time. Work done, I rushed down the corridor and was about to make an exit... BANG... I bumped into our 'American History' lecturer. Now Ms. Maira was one teacher which I was sh*t scared of, still am actually.

Ms. Maira - "Where are you off to young lady ? You have a class to attend"
I had to think of something and quick... thankfully that was one of those rare days I had worn my contact lenses
Me (*making a sorry face): "Yes ma'am, I know but my glasses broke and I don't have an extra pair. I'll have to get new ones made."
Ms. Maira - "Oh Oh! That's bad, you want to be dropped home?"
Me: "No thanks Ma'am, my dad's coming to pick me up"
Ms. Maira: "Take Care"
I rushed out as soon as possible, took an auto and went straight to PVR.
While my friends went to grab a quick bite at McDonalds, I stood in the ticket queue... why was online banking not an option back then??? I really don't know.
As I reached the ticket window, someone tapped on my shoulder... As I turned Dhan-Tan-Tan... Maira Ma'am was standing right there. I wanted to bury my head in the ground like an ostrich there and then. 

Ms. Maira - Falak, what are you doing here?
Me: As you can see Ma'am, buying tickets... You want me to buy one for you? My treat. (See I told you about the F-I-M syndrome)

She looked at me and told said 'See me tomorrow in class... We need to talk'
I don't wanna get embarrassed further discussing what happened when I went to meet her the next day.
I'm so sorry but I'll have to tag some bloggers here :( most of the bloggers I like have already been tagged so can't tag them again. 


  1. Thnx for taking up this silly tag....and i did read ur other blog earlier but thought u discontinued it now so mentioned u as 'mommy blogger' :-)

    ROFL on this post...he he..what an impromptu lie!!! what was ur lecturer doing at that multiplex?? but the best part was when u offered to but a ticket for her :-D

    1. Actually come to think of it being a mommy blogger has given me a new direction in my writing :)

      I told u I have this tendency of saying this I regret later...

  2. Don't remind me of the DISCUSSION. I don't know what will Z have to say about this one.


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