Saturday, June 30, 2012

50 things About Me

So I have seen this list on so many blogs, I wanted to do this for myself. Now this is more for me (as I keep forgetting who I really am at times) than for my readers:

  1. I love myself, I know I have a huge scope for improvement but still
  2. I love my family (my parents, hubby, Z, my siblings, cousins) and friends
  3. I love to dance, it’s the biggest stress buster besides Z of course
  4. I think I’m a nice mom, still I have a long way to go.
  5. I’m a Leo (a true blue Leo) actually
  6. I’m a movie buff… love Bollywood movies and absolutely adore Hollywood Rom-Coms (no one makes Romantic Comedies like Hollywood). I cry when I watch movies
  7. I’m a diehard Aamir Khan fan since I was 6 years of age
  8. I can’t stop drooling when I see the likes of George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, Jude Law, Hugh Grant Michael Vartan and the likes
  9. I love to act
  10. I love to laugh.
  11. I love to write
  12. I love it when people say genuine good things about me
  13. I’m married to the greatest guy in the whole wide world and we are blessed to have the best daughter (Cant thank Allah enough)
  14. I’m extremely loyal to people I’m committed to
  15. I’m very ambitious and sometimes I become harsh on myself because of this
  16. I’m a hard core optimist and hate pessimism.
  17. One thing I have fought with is my weight, it’s been like a yo-yo and I’m struggling to lose weight right now
  18. I love working out (aerobics)
  19. When I was working I wanted to quit and now I want to start working. Right now I’m working at starting something on my own.
  20. I’m a lousy cook, but I love to bake cakes
  21. I lie just for the heck of it at times
  22. I prefer coffee to tea
  23. I have read so many books but I still have a soft corner for Archies Comics
  24. I love Pink
  25. I have a problem when I have to confront someone
  26. I love to argue ;-)
  27. I want to learn a new form of dance
  28. I’m the biggest Jane Fonda Bhakt 
  29. I love when Fizz wakes me up in the morning
  30. I don’t have aerated drinks
  31. I can be very harsh but I prefer that from being sugar coated
  32. I’m very particular about my appointments, and have never missed one
  33. I love to smile at myself when I look in the mirror
  34. Post Z I’ve become a late riser and a late sleeper (I hate it)
  35. I love to read with expressions and go in another zone altogether
  36. I hate forwards and useless promotional mails
  37. I love the smell of popcorns and fresh coffee
  38. I love CCD and always have Iced Eskimo
  39. I don’t love Chocolates
  40. I love getting a mail/message from a long lost friend
  41. I was on top of the world when I met my childhood best friend Megha on Orkut after 10 years and Komal on Facebook after more than 15 years
  42. I always look forward to my birthday
  43. I love potatoes (my only weakness when it comes to food)
  44. I love being surprised
  45. I’m very possessive about people close to me
  46. I love Fairy Tales
  47. I wanted to be a theater actor but… that’s another story… dukhti rag 
  48. I used to love my hair till Z was born
  49. My skin was the best when I was pregnant
  50. This was very exhausting… so I will tag 2 blogging friends (please spare me ladies I swear I will read your list)
So now Sumita and Nibedita... Go ahead... take your time 


  1. At the end of the post, I found myself smiling as well as breathing heavily (50 is indeed a long list). Will surely take u the tag but may need sometime.

  2. Replies
    1. Take ur time... I took a week to compile the entire thing. :)

  3. Babba re ZM...Hmmm nice 'badla'!!!

    I would surely complete this but need some time as house is flooded with stayover guests now!!!

    We share so many similarities :
    I wd mention the points where I am as u.
    :-) We should meet once for sure:-D


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