Monday, July 30, 2012

My day is made!

I was looking forward to another session of running around, throwing food, Z not opening her and of Me saying "Nahin Khana Hai, Theek Hai, I won't force you".

Today I prepared some nice cheese Scrambled egg for Z and sat of the bean bag. I didn't have to shout 'Z... Z', she came to me herself and sat with me... As both of us watched some nice R.D Burman songs from the 70's on TV.

I didn't have to switch channels to her favorite CBeeBies. She started clapping on those old songs and ate her egg without any fuss.

Donno if she was sleepy or just in a very good mood or was she really hungry for a change. Z finished her ENTIRE food. Happy Mommy and Happy Baby. You made my day ZeeZoe.


  1. It feels really good if these kids eat without doing any nakhra :). And same pinch to Zoe from Swarup because even CBeeBies is his fav from the time he has started watching TV :).

    1. Absolutely... and actually its me who has not introduced her to any children's channel. I don't like the content shown on most of them. Let's see when she get's introduced to them when she starts school. Right now she LOVES CBeeBies.


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