Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Shouting Monster Me!!!

I hate shouting at Z, I seriously do... but off late I've been shouting at her. Just her name actually, I don't scold her FOR SURE. For me, its not done, my mum is extremely short tempered and I used to hate it when she shouted (though not often) and I don't want Z to feel like that for a second.

Maybe because fasts drain out all energy from your body and by the end of the day, all you do is just sit at one spot if not lie down. Now I hate lazing around unnecessarily but now-a-days can't help it. Though I don't feel hungry... Z on the other hand is a bundle of energy... Whose up to some mischief (actually more than that, exploring some place). So I keep on telling her, requesting her to sit at one place for 5 mins (which, mind you, is too much to ask for). When she doesn't listen I have to shout which I regret the very next second. I pledge I'll try not to shout at you Z. Mumma is sorry...

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