Sunday, August 26, 2012

Month 21... and the chatterbox's' comes to life

Well two Chatterboxes actually, one my new venture (which I hope people who know me know about) and the other is my very own real chatterbox Z.

Just 3 months left for Z's 2nd birthday... And man did this year fly or what. 

Before I go further ahead, I want to apologize to my readers and most importantly 'Z'. I have been calling her a Chatterbox for months now... Maybe because I named her keeping my example in mind. What happened this month was something I had never imagined. Z has started yapping, yapping and more yapping. To be fair to Z, I must tell you, she has her quite moments, but they are just 'moments'. Most of them are when she's sleeping. Moving on...

Z's morning start with Ba/Bi (short for Abbi) and most of the time she's the one who wakes us up. She is like this parrot who repeats at least 10 new words every day (Kalaa tikka for that). The other day my mum said 'Aaj Sooji ka halwa banate hain' and Z went on Sooji-Sooji-Sooji. The best part is she doesn't just repeat the word, but says it in the same tone as well.

I don't even attempt to keep a track of the new words she has started using. I just can't... 'Some' of the new words she's picked up and they've become a part of her ever increasing vocabulary are:
  • Shooos Socks
  • UpUpUpDhown
  • Bi (for her teddy, maybe because it resembles her dad :))
  • Aammo (for Ammoo)
  • Aaani (for Aanie) - My sister left today and the entire day Z kept going in the room she stayed in and kept chanting "Aanie-Aanie-Aanie"
  • Her dog said 'cook-cook' till yesterday now it says "woof-woof"
  • Ice Cream for her is 'Ice Ka-Ka-Ka'
  • Ice and Eyes are 'Ice' as well
  • Hand is 'Hatthoo' 
  • Please is 'Pleeees' 
  • When we play 'Wheels of the bus' and before the song start Z goes 'wound-wound - wound'.
  • 'Night Moon' is when she sees Goodnight moon
  • You also say 'Slowly,Slowly' when I pick up your book 'Slowly Slowly Slowly said the sloth'
  • When her Abbi tells her a 'Fizz made story' and whenever he say "and the princess name was?" Phat comes the reply 'pisessss'
  • She says 'Pee-Pee' only after she's done her job :)
  • Progress made on numbers happens on a daily basis Mash'Allah. Now she says "two-tee-for-sits-nine-ten". We just need to work on One, five, seven & eight.
Obviously even Fizz and me can't make out half things she says. Like today she kept on saying 'bardie' (which she usually refers to a bird) for a good 20-25 mins, and there was no bird around.

She is big time into role play, want to see her at her best? Leave her with a stuff toy or phone and see her talk on the phone or to the toy.

 Now she has become a Pro Stair climber and even comes down the stair with ease.

As I had mentioned earlier my mom, sister and nephew were here. Last time we met em, Z was going through major separation anxiety. I was scared, but Z proved me wrong this time. She played/spoke/spent time with all 3 of them, especially her 'Bhaijaan'.

Z's acrobatics don't scare me much now, cause I know what all she is capable of doing. She definitely scared Aanie and Ammoo a lot. This month she has also showed me some stunts that make me go breathless for a few seconds, please have mercy.

Now a little on you and Bhaijaan. You have turned out to be quiet a bully, and many a times you have made your elder Bhaijaan cry... but you do that because you love him lots and want to hug/kiss him all the time.

All in all this month was fun and a lot of new Development. Signing off and leaving you with some ZeeZo fun.

Z 'Dada' and good boy Zefan

Especially for the camera

We are bored... are we?

Kissing Z... lots of love around...
Deadly brother sister duo

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eid Pe Bhai Behen Ka Pyaar

I didn't intend to write a separate post for Eid, because our eid is a pretty simple affair... with the family (part of it) being together.

This year it was no different ... but Bhaijaan (Zefan) and Z being together made all the difference. These pictures talk for themself.

Don't they look just Adorable together?

My Puchka... Innocence Personified (Mash'Allah)

Isn't her lehnga super? Courtesy my mommy

My Stud Boy

My Sweethearts


Here comes Ms. Attitude

A sloppy kissie just for Abbi


Whenever I see this picture I fall in love with Mera Baccha again n again n again (Kaalaa Teeka)

Z pestering Bhaijaan

Busy with her toys...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Much needed Z update

Ya I know, I know... I have been away from a Z update for long. And the posts I've written in past are mere 'tweet-posts' because they hardly have any content. Since Z's 21st month update is a little over a week away I thought might as well right something, before I start feeling guilty for ignoring Z in the blogsphere.

So now, coming to what's happening on the 'Z' front. Z's Ammoo (Naani) has been here for over a week now, and her Aanie and Bhaijaan landed today. I was a little skeptical because when I visited them last in Dec'11, Z was going through MAJOR separation anxiety.

Thankfully, now she is very comfortable with them... (Phew... Sigh of relief). Actually 'open up' is an understatement. When Aanie and Bhaijaan arrived, Z was so excited that she kept on touching her Bhaijaan and kept laughing for a good 1 hour non-stop.

Bhaijaan and Z get along like they are meant to be together. Touchwood.

Another good thing was the Rhythm N Rhyme sessions we attended in the last 10 weeks. Today was her last class of the season and all the kids got a Medal, a Chocolate and a Balloon... because RNR completed 2 yrs a couple of days back. A must for kids in Bangalore.

Z has also been extremely cooperative, I've been very busy these days... and Z's been super sweet. You must be aware, but there's no harm in letting you all know once more... I've started this Early Communication and Language workshop for children between 2-10 years around Bangalore. I plan to start the sessions in September. Check our website

More on Eid, ZnBhaijaan, and other developments coming up on the blog soon. I'm leaving you with some amazing pictures of my girl.

I'm so Sleepy

Still I'm always ready to Pose

Isn't my dress pretty?

Drama Queen

She is capable of giving so many expressions in just a little time

Love of her life... her Mickey

Ready to give a flying kiss any day!

Being Zoe's Mom Facebook Fanpage

Wooooooooohhhhhooooooooooo I have done what I have been trying to figure out for days now... Check Being Zoe's Mom Facebook Fanpage like right now...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Review - 5 Books by Leslie Patricelli

Leslie Patricelli has found 2 new fans. Z n Me, I have fallen in love with her books... Which are simple yet they teach these toddlers a lot.

Brief: I have 5 Mini Board Books of Leslie's in Z's Library :-). Which include:
  • Quiet Loud
  • Yummy Yucky
  • Big Little
  • No No Yes Yes
  • Baby Happy Baby Sad

Why I picked it: These are light Hard Board books which Z or any younger baby can easily carry. Colorful, with lots of pictures and a few repetitive words.

My reaction: Big Little was the first book I picked and I loved the book. It had lots of pictures depicting 'Big' and little things. It was full of color, humor, words, picture and put the message across amazingly. I had to visit the Strand Book sale once again to purchase
the other four.

Z's take: Z loves them and How... She makes
faces when I say what's yucky and says 'Nyamm-Nyamm' when I point at something yummy. She looks at me with wide eyes when I read Big Little. She laughs 'ha-ha-ha' when I say Baby Happy in 'Baby Happy Baby Sad'. Says 'No-No-No' when I read 'Yes Yes No No' and loves listening to my whispers and loud noise in Quiet Loud.

I told you she Loves them.

How We Read it:  Full on action, I'm preparing Z to be my assistant at 'My Little Chatterbox' classes.

By the way... Did u check our Facebook Page?

Age Group: 1-2.5 Years

Pick it up from: Strand Book sale, check Flipkart there are plenty available.

P.S: Love Leslie Patricelli's website as well... Check it out

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Daughter Will Always be a 'Daughter'

I have been away from my blogs, but I won't disappear... won't worry (if you like what you read)

My mom is here and I'm loving it, I have realized that I will always be a daughter and I love being that. Z is enjoying with her Ammoo (my mom) and I like seeing them together.

I have been waiting for these days and I'm loving it. I'm behaving like a small little girl and I love doing it. My sis will be here soon with my nephew and just looking forward to being together with my family.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Best Birthday Wish from Z (In her dad's words)

What else could have made my day better... Mwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

My Little Chatterbox... My New Venture

Have been working on something that I'm excited to share with all of you... I have brought two of my passions together 'Communications' and my new found love 'Kids'. I have started this new venture "My Little Chatterbox" would need all your blessings, love and suggestions.
P.S: I will soon start workshops across Bangalore and update the locations accordingly.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review - Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?

Brief: 'Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?' - a picture book by Bill Martin Jr. Pictures by Eric Carle (Yes, he is our favorite).

Why I picked it: Z loves animals and sounds and this book has lots of animals. She would also eventually understand color (fingers crossed). The book proceeds like a rhyme and describes what does each animal see. The book starts with a bear, bird, Duck, Horse, Frog, Cat, Dog, Sheep, a Goldfish, a teacher/monkey and children/students. The last two vary in different versions. Z recognizes all animals except the goldfish (but it's just been a week so she'll get there soon).

My reaction: I loved the book, it has everything Z loves... Animals, colors, pictures, rhymes. I can't complain.

Z's take now: Z takes her time to get hooked to a book, but in the case of Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?, she loved it the moment she laid eyes on the book.

How We Read it: I saw the book as a video on YouTube and in the video Author Bill Martin sings the rhyme. I liked that and that's what I do with Z. I add the sounds of various animals and Z giggles along.

Age Group: 1-3 Years

Pick it up from: Bought the book on Flipkart

Monday, August 6, 2012

'Shuusssss Obsession'

We bought Z these Gum boots from AOMI last week. I thought they won't be used much but then when I laid my eyes on the ones I end up buying, I found them really cute. Besides they were on sale and not very expensive. So I finally thought I'll pick them up.

For the initial 2 days, Z couldn't even walk when she wore them. Now she's become a Pro at wearing Gum boots :). The 1st thing she does post her morning bath and once she's all dressed... Is go to her wardrobe, taking the boots out and running to me with one in each hand saying 'Shuusssss, Shuusssss, Shuusssss'. And I thought only women who grow up are obsessed with footwear. Phhhhheeeeewwww.

Don't miss the mismatch between dress & Shuusssss

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Real Soul Sisters

I just finished the "Chicken Soup Of the Indian Soul Celebrating Brothers and Sisters." And all the stories made me thank God for having been blessed with two of the best sisters in the whole wide world.

My Beautiful Sisters... This is for the both of you.
My relationship with my Elder sister has always been bitter-sweet. We fight and then we make up. Api (as I call her) and I, are just a few years apart... but what sets us all the more distant is our maturity level. She is like this sensible (everyone thinks so) and mature elder daughter. Mom tells me, when I was born... she did feel neglected, but didn't throw a tantrum, like any toddler her age would have...she just became quiet (yeah that's how mature she was even back then). And then there is me the immature, irritating (per them), loud mouthed, over-confident soul. Friction was bond to happen. 

I remember when I joined Api's school in standard 5, she was in class 9 in senior school... So obviously she got all the opportunity to bully me... the innocent soul. There is this one incident which she says she did because I irritated her a lot... Saturdays, were P.T days at school, which meant white uniform and white shoes. Both of us had to polish our white shoes every Friday night. That Friday, Api rushed to polish her shoes and finished all the white polish in the bottle. She made sure I was not able to polish my shoes, she didn't leave a drop... I wore my shoes without polishing them (just that they had turned grey). 

Now Api was responsible for checking uniform post our morning assembly... and while I was walking up to my class, I heard someone calling out my name and asking me to step out. When I turned, I saw Api standing there. She said "Why aren't your shoes polished???" And all I could do was say "but" and stare at her. She pulled my arm and made me stand in the 'defaulter's' line for one hour with the summer sun shinning right on top of my head.

This is the same Api who took a 'Motherly' avtaar even when  we didn't need it. I remember my first day in Delhi University and I being the strong-headed stubborn one, declared "I'm going to take a DTC, who goes to college in an Auto" that was my first time in a public bus (that too the famous DTC) and I wanted no-one and I mean no-one to accompany me. My parents weren't in town so my sister was in-charge of us. She had told me to call up from an STD (Cell Phones was still considered a Maha-luxurious item for college goers), which I obviously forgot. When I reached back, I found her standing outside our apartment, she yelled at me for being careless and hugged me and told me to take care. Following this was a chai session discussing my first day, followed by some more gyaan. 

Me and Api at one of her pre-wedding function
When her marriage was fixed... I didn't like the guy (sorry S.B), but I thought someone's going to snatch away Api from me. I was super anti-Api's marriage... but then that happened, and non of my arguments were considered valid enough.

When I was 6+ I came to know I was going to have a sibling. Now, sharing space with Api was tough, there was this other one coming. So in September 1987, mum brought this little thing bundled in pink home. And I hated her from the word go. That was our 'baby' sister. The forever 'baby' of the house had arrived. Nidaa is this rule-breaker, shopaholic, blonde... still extremely studious and a topper (yeah a deadly combo), binge eater yet maha-thin (I told you she's weird) kid sister who loves you like hell. 

If Api and my relationship was bitter sweet, with Nidaa and me it was a complete Love Hate thing going on. Add to that Api and Nidaa are too close to each other. 

I remember Ma sending me to sleep at 9:30 pm, half an hour before Api. So I was closed in this room with 'Baby' Nidaa sleeping peacefully in her crib. I was feeling extremely left out and thought of an evil plan. I pinched the 'poor soul' sleeping in her crib (I used to pinch really hard) and kept pinching her till she got up and started howling. I ran towards my bunk bed as I heard someone's footsteps. Ma rushed to the room, she asked me "Falak, What happened?" and I pretended like I had already slept off, got up rubbing my eyes saying ... "Mamma, pata nahin... I had already slept off..." Yeah... Yeah I know you must be saying what a devil. Wait till you hear this...

Nidaa and I used to have these Big fights, where we used to pounce on one another. I was triple her size, but she used to beat me hands down. When Api went to hostel for her graduation, she used to steal my letter pad and write letters to Api... bicthing about me. And then they both used to gang up against me, when Api was home for vacation. 

I still remember, a day before my wedding I had a huge fight with my mom (yeah, I'm a big fighter-cock you can say that). I was crying like hell and declared "No one cares for me...", everyone, stood by Ma and said I was wrong, but Nidaa was the one who understood my point, cried with me and ended up fighting with Ma. That's what our relationship is all about. I might fight with her like anything, but when someone scolds her or says anything bad about her behind her back... I get into my Chandi avtaar and stay on Nidaa's side. My Ma always says, "It's better to stay out of their fights/arguments, as you will end up making a fool of yourself."

Nidz and me at our Brother's wedding

I love the both of them and love to hate them. Both of them are alike and I'm the different one... but guess I'm the lucky one... My sisters are my priced possession ... Thank God for them.