Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eid, Birthday and I-Day Update

So Ramzaan's over and so is eid and my birthday. I have been trying to take out time to write but have been really busy courtesy MLCB and Tale in a Mail. Eid was celebrated in Z's school on Thursday, the kids were suppose to wear something traditional. Which was a task to say the least. She didn't want to wear her kurta - churidaar... eventually after a lot of convincing on my part and crying on Zoe's... I won. Here is what ma'am looked like when she went to school to celebrate Id.

The next day she wore a pretty pretty dress, and she loved the tu-tu (ish) skirt.

My birthday was a sad story this year. Though it did start with a BANG. Celebrating MLCB’s 1 year and cake cutting… all our plans went down the drain, coz Faizan had to work late and we couldn’t go out anywhere.

Zoe’s school celebrated Independence day today and ma’am was dressed up in churidaar Kurta yet again. The difference was, today we didn’t have any kind of tantrums in the morning. So I guess now she knows, if she wears what mamma says she will get lots of compliments :) . And both Momma and Z will be happy.

Z is not yet completely comfortable with School, coz she doesn’t mingle with everyone. She doesn’t cry and all though… So I just hope she does fine :) In this picture she is seen playing with her favorite pink tower :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moments that Help this Mom Remain Sane!!!

I keep on saying, keep on mentioning how Fizz and Z bond. There bond remind me of my relationship with my A.J. Its only now I realize she loves me as much as she does her Fizz... Yes, I had my doubts and I always felt am I doing something wrong. Then I realized it was just one of those mommy guilt trips I had been on. Z obviously needs me as much, and she loves me a lot. I just had to say it out LOUD to myself and I'm doing it right here... right now. This post is more for myself than for anyone else.

There are times when Z just has to be with her mommy and she needs no one else. And frankly speaking, I need these moments to keep me sane, and these moments happen magically at times when I feel unsure about myself as a mum.

Whenever Z gets hurt she needs me and just me. Fizz, even if he is there right in front of her does not matter... she just wants to rush to mommy and hug me. The moment I hug her, she stops crying in seconds... like magic.

When she goes to school, she wants me to accompany her to school. The school is a 5 minutes drive from our house and she wants both me and Fizz there, when we drop and pick her up. The other day, I wasn't feeling to good and while we picked her up. I was sitting in the car and Fizz went to pick her up... the moment she saw Fizz, she said "Momma, where is momma Fizzy?" and she kept looking for me till the time she saw me sitting in the car right in front of her, her face said it all. 

Saturdays are days when I go out to work, I reach home around 5.30 in the evening. Today I asked my maid to help me take my stuff up from the auto as I reached home. I went to the nearby shop to pick something up. She saw my maid enter the house and she was expecting me. She kept on crying and looking for me till the time I entered the house.

Obviously she needs me most when she wants to listen to her stories or do her artwork.

These moments are moments I live for as a mum... rest of the time its just Fizz-Z bond.

Z Speaks – 1

**Disclaimer - This post is meant to keep a track of Z's developments online. If you think I'm showing off (or whatever) please do not read further. 

Happy Reading!

I didn't expect Zoe to start speaking in full sentences and have a conversation with us with absolute ease before she turns 3. I'm happy, seeing she is taking a lot of her traits from her mum.

She is into pretend play big time now a days. And her only partner in crime is her Barney (stuffed toy) ... Not that Barney contributes but he is always there with my little girl. :-(
See the pictures below????


She was speaking to Barney in this, and saying “Barney, Why are you crying? Don’t cry. Kya Hua…What append (happened)?. You are a Good Baby. Chot Lagaya??? (Did you get hurt?)… Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Come little baby (Zoe) will give you a kissie.” She comes to me and says “Mommie Barney Kissie. Barney Chot Laga… Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”


We sat down for our iftaar and she kept on saying “Mommy Toeesa, I want Toeesa.” I didn’t understand I kept on ignoring her, she got up picked a bottle of RoohAfza and said…. “Mommy this please, Toeesa”


She brought her school bag and makes Barney wear it, then she says “OK Barney lets see… Tiffin. What do you want Tiffin?”… “Bicitti (Biscuit), kishmish, newdles, sawich?” “Take water bottle Barney let’s go”


I cant believe this girl is so obsessed with her books. I have separate books for Zoe n MLCB. I picked her gruffalo n kept it in my shelf by mistake. She immediately came took her book and said "this is baby's book mamma. Please keep it back"