Friday, March 14, 2014

She believes in surprising us... Always

On 3rd of March I had put this on a Mommy group in Facebook "Mums of 3 year olds.... how many kids out there just want to wear a couple of things. My daughter just wants to wear 'Jeans and T-Shirt'.... on good days she wears a nice summer dress .... those are like a day a month. Please do not tell me its a phase as she has been doing this from September last year."

Guess Z was listening to me or rather reading what I have  written (guess I need to change my password).

The other day she willing wore her rainbow dress, I didn't even tell her to wear it and today,  it was Holi party at her school. We got a note from school, saying we should try send them dressed up traditionally. I didn't try to convince her, because convincing in the past didn't really help. Anyways, she got up today and when I asked her what she wanted to wear... she replied 'Churidaar Kurta' I couldn't believe my ears... I was on top of the world... and trust me I'm not exaggerating.


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  1. aww.... she looks soo cute........They just know how to make mumma happy once in a while ;)


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