Monday, March 10, 2014

The story of the 'Rainbow Dress'

Those who follow BZM know that Zoe has this aversion to dressing up. I would like to take the blame for that. I love being dressed casually and Z has taken it from me. So, we picked up a pretty rainbow dress (Z calls it her rainbow dress... you will know why when you see the dress) for her 3rd birthday. We took the dress to Goa, hoping for a miracle which didn't happen. Then we planned to wear it for our Christmas party, which Z couldn't attend because she was not well. I think it was plain bad luck. 

Then, a couple of days back, Z had to accompany me for a meeting to CCD. I casually asked her what she wants to wear... and frankly, I didn't expect I would hear 'Mommy... Rainbow Dress'... but like magic to my ears I did hear just that. And though we weren't going for a party or a ballet performance (considering it's a tu-tu dress) I made her wear exactly what she wanted. 

And guess what... my baby wants to wear her dress again... WoooooHooooo

Isn't she looking just super?

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