Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for our 'X-Mas' book - #atozchallenge

Our favorite X-Mas read is Snowmen at Christmas, it tells a story about a snowmen coming to life on X-mas eve... and how he goes to meet his snowmen friends and has a blast. She loves the illustrations, its another thing she has been requesting us to make a real snowman. How to do that in Bangalore, we need to figure that out. 


  1. Never heard of this movie

    Interesting :) ya how to do in Bangalore is a big que :D

    Dropping by from to A to Z

  2. Snowman in a place where there's no snow is tricky for sure... Thanks for dropping by

  3. Hey Afshan Thanks for dropping by... no not a movie, its a book and easily available


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