Friday, September 19, 2014

My Little Ms. Z - My Reading Star

Z's new found obsession is not just listening to stories while I read them... now she tries to read them as well. Putting letter sounds together is what my Reading Star loves and she isn't even 4 yet. I'm not talking about CVCs here, she reads longer words as well, obviously not the ones which are tricky. 

Now, I take Phonics classes for kids, some of them start reading effortlessly, like Z and some take a little more time. Each child has their own interest and their own capabilities. I encourage Z, because even when I don't sit with her and read together, she reads anything and everything... from billboards to menu cards to books to newspaper et al. 

On her last PTM, her teachers expressed that they were pleasantly surprised see her blend at this age. She started writing post the PTM and her teachers informed us, usually kids start writing and then reading... very few kids read first. Her pediatrician was also amazed at the development. 

The reason why Z shows interest in reading is because she loves her books and she says she wants to read them herself (like Mamma does) very soon. I just encouraged her in a field she is interested in... I just guided her on Phonics... like I do with other children her age... but she made her mom super proud.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The journey has just begun... but I'm happy!

I shared this on a Facebook Group that helps me stay healthy. 

I always believed that 'you have to expect things from yourself, before you set out to do them.' This rule applies in my fitness journey as well.

I have always lived my life being mocked at for being fat, till I was around 20. Then I lost 30 kgs in 3 months. I know I know, it was too much... but losing weight when you are younger is a piece of cake. And I truly believe that. I lost that weight with just 30 minutes of Jane Fonda and a nice diet.

I maintained this weight for a good 9 years till Z was born. I put on massive weight after we shifted to Bangalore. Change in lifestyle, stress levels, post partum depression, my knee injury... were the biggest devils I had to fight.

I was living in denial, and had a reality check last July when I stepped on the weighing scale... I went in depression for 2 days

I tried to work things out my way, but nothing worked out. I joined FRI in November 2013, and at that point my energy levels were such that I couldn't do 5 minutes of Leslie without a break... but I had one thing which I'm happy I do. I was determined. I was sure I had to change things, it is now or never. When I completed a mile in Leslie I was on cloud nine. The more I did the more I wanted to do. From there till now when my days aren't complete if I don't take 10k steps at least, with strength training and challenges, I think of working out when I'm not working out.

I'm trying to be fitter and healthier for my family and to fit in my old jeans... but more than anything else, I'm doing it for 'Me'

P.S: Though you might not see much of a difference but I feel fitter and happy when I workout and that is what is a priority.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

How my bond with my daughter has changed over the years!

I know people say you are reborn when your child is born and all that... I'm sorry I do not agree with that. I didn't 'connect' instantly with Z, I took time and so did she. Of course I did do what a mom is 'supposed' to do but for me handling a small baby was more of a responsibility than anything else. You can't blame me really, the youngest baby I handled before Z was my 6 month old nephew. Z has always been closer to her dad, coz Fizzy connected with Z from the word go.

I used to crib and cry and blame myself constantly. I always wanted to be super mom and here I was clueless, tired, worried and I just wanted to run away. 

Thankfully, 3.5 years down the line, I can proudly say, I have developed a bond with Z which I always wanted.

There are moments when she wants just her Mum and no one else. I feel super in one of those moments. She makes me understand that no one but me is what she wants. I might have a 101 issues but she makes me believe I'm perfect and that makes me HAPPIEST.

We laugh together, we read together, we workout together, we sing together... She is my Best Friend and I'm not saying that because she is my daughter but because I'm in my best of zones when I'm Z-oned :-P

When I get dressed she becomes my stylist and tells me if I go wrong (not that I believe everything she says :-P ). We also coordinate the colour of the clothes we wear at times...

We go shopping/for coffee together, and we have a blast together.

Wherever I have reached in my career is because my family has been so understanding and Z plays a BIG ROLE in that.

And this post will be incomplete if I don't mention this - When I came back from the workshop at Z's school, I went back to pick her from school. At home she hugged me and said 'Ma, I love you'... I don't know why but she said because she loved what I did in her school and her friends said I was so nice... (well I take that as a compliment) :-D

These small moments help me stay on track and makes my belief in me as a mom, stronger.