Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Book Review - The Midnight Library

Imagine a library opened through the night, with the most amazing books to read... with an adorable little librarian and a few library helpers, who are nocturnal. Imagine visitors facing problems of one kind or another and the librarian helping them with the perfect solution. I got this and much more from The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara (I would like to thank an acquaintance here, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Kazuno Kohara). I love the author, and The Midnight Library is the best of his work, I have read thus far.

When I heard about The Midnight Library, I knew I had to pick it up. When I did, I could see a lot of myself in the book, and so did Z. 

The book takes you (and the child of course) to a beautiful world of the The Midnight Library. And what a world it is. Z was totally mesmerised by the book and she has read the book over and over again, since. This book is simple. The magic of this book lies in its simplicity, the illustrations and sweet little situations, which any child who frequents a library would relate to.

If you are looking for a nice soothing bedtime read for your 3-5 year old The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara is a perfect pick.

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