Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Z, The Car Seat and the bigger baby

It was impossible carrying Z in the car on my lap now, she became totally restless. She didn't want to sit in one place till she was sleepy of course. I was contemplating on buying a car seat for Z, which was safe and would make me sit without having to struggle with Z. So after a lot of research and analysis (a special thanks to my FB mommie group) I bought a carseat from Mothercare for Z.

My first concern was how long Z will take to get used to the carseat. All my concerns were washed off when we did our first ride from Shopperstop Kormangla. Z took to the carseat like it was specially meant for her.

If you think my concerns stop here, you are highly mistaken. My next problem was bigger and this time Z wasn't creating the problem, it was Fizz who created. Fizz is so obsessed to the idea of having Z in front of his eyes that he hated Z seated in the rear seat. Since buying the carseat was my idea, Fizz told me he would through away the carseat if Z even took out a small cry. As that didn't happen, he kept on complaining that I wanted to keep Z away from him everytime, anyways he doesn't get to spend a lot of time with her. (Fizz can be a bigger baby and is capable of throwing huge tantrums... for me its easier to handle Z's tantrums but it becomes very difficult when Fizz does it). I will have to keep on hearing anti-carseat cries from the bigger baby till he gets used to the idea. Till then God save me.

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