Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life without a Full-Time Household help

OK this is a short update because I don't have much time... am working on something related to Z which I will post tomorrow.

OK so I didn't update that my very reliable Household help left because he was unwell and decided to go home for treatment. He has seen me since I was hardly a year old. He has been complaining about stomach ache for ages now and we decided its better he takes a chill-pill in life. That meant more work, more responsibility with the same amount of time. Since I'm a pathetic cook, we have a cook who comes once in the morning and a cleaner. Those people who have seen me in my pre-Z days would say I would be in a MESS... but I'm so sorry to disappoint you guys- I'm doing just fine.

Taking care of Z (now that she is capable of getting in the most dangerous situation) and daily chores is tough. I thought I would be cribbing, but I have managed Z, house work and working out with ease, I kind of like the situation. Thanks to Fizz who does loads of work when he is at home. Once he's home he doesn't let me do any work. Fizz also suggested we keep a house-help for the day, but I'm not very comfortable with that. As I just don't want to keep anyone who I don't trust.

I have to leave Z at times on her own as I just can't keep running after Z all day long. I don't really feel guilty about that because I really don't have an option.


  1. Itz difficult at times...ask me..There are times wen i wish i had 10 hands!!!

    1. Swear... I never wish that I have 10 hands... I just wish I had 10 helpers around me... :-))


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