Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Child In Me...

You call me child-like, happy-go-lucky (where did this term come from anyways) or you call me childish. I have always managed to keep the child in my alive (some people envy me, some also get irritated at times... But that's me). 

I just like being that ways, I'm not careless or irresponsible. I just love being happy and in a nice mood. I do have my mood swings (major ones... like kids have tantrums) but I know how to come out of em as soon as possible. I love myself (I know I can be irritating, I'm struggling with my weight 'right now', I speak a lot at times, I can be pretty harsh - but I'm now 'sugar coated' ...) and I would only wanna improve myself so that I fall in love with myself even more. ;-)

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