Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays

I'm starting 'Toddling Tuesdays', I read it once in a Blog of a Toddler mom and liked the concept. Basically 'Toddling Tuesdays' tell you about an incident that took place in the week where Z completely surprised us by what she did/said.

So here it goes the 1st Toddling Tuesday - Z loves resting once in a while on the bean bag (she just does that for a 1-2 mins that's another story). Now she knows how to get off the bean bag but generally it used to be a task for her to get down, our bean bag can be a pretty wobbly. Today (16th Apr) she just put her foot down and got up like we adults do. I just kept looking at her stunned with my mouth open.


  1. Wow...looking forward for more 'Toddling Tuesdays' :-D

    Mishti still struggles with the bean bag and hate it like anything when we place her in it :-)

  2. WOW..loved the idea. Can I borrow this idea? BTW, loved the way Z sat with one leg on top of the other...adorable.


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