Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going 'Awwwwwww' seeing Daddy-Daughter

I've always maintained Z is her Pa's daughter. She loves me a lot but when you see her with Pa they're in a different zone altogether.

I have been my A.J's princess myself, so seeing Z with her Pa make me miss A.J all the more.

This incident happened when Fizz went to Delhi for a day. He had an early morning flight and was back by mid-night. Fizz left home at around 4am and I managed to sleep only after that. Now Z generally sleeps till 9-9:30 and  loves to see her Pa the first thing in the morning. That day in the middle of her sleep she decided to check on Pa at around 630. She took a few seconds to realize that Fizz was missing. Z shrieked badly, I woke up all of a sudden. When I held her she started hitting me... (Yeah she does that at times). It took me a good 20 mins to calm her down and go back to sleep again. That was a pathetic start to a long n tiring day ahead.
I feel its good that Pa-Z bond fabulously n all, but ... Hellllllooooo.....I exist.

P.S: As I'm typing this on my phone, Z comes running and hugs me, as if she's reading my thoughts. Awwwwwwww. Gotto go people, can't give up on 'Huggie time'.

That's the scene every morning. They hate seeing each other off.


  1. Z does the exact same thing with Dadda, the only difference being he shriekds & yells when he sees Dadda instead of Mamma :) I feel blessed.

    1. Yeah... but then that means Zef wants to cling on to u... In our case when Fizz ain't there she doesn't have no option. :-)

  2. Ohh yaa...Shreya too is a complete different person with S and I love to see their bond. You won't believe S has almost stopped going to office (opted for WFH which he always had but never availed before Shreya's birth) these days. It seems he cant have enough of his me-time with Shreya. Well..this was a "Kala-tikka" post :)

    1. Swear... I read ur comment out to Fizz and he's upset he cannot opt for a WFH. His orgn stopped giving any WFHs now... He's cribbing :-)


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