Friday, April 13, 2012

My Day as a SAHM

I really don't know if I can call myself a 'Stay at Home Mum', because I do work on a few Freelance writing assignments every week. Whatever it is, my days(weekdays) are extremely planned - well most of it. I have a schedule chalked out for me n Z. When Fizz comes home at night our Schedule goes for a toss (and I like it that way). I have a cook and a part-time maid who come in the morning (that's not because I don't have time, its because I hate cooking anything which doesn't involve baking). So here is what my day looks like:
  • Fizz is the first one to get up, because I'm the last one to sleep at night... As simple as that ;-)
  • I get up, water my plants, do some ab exercise, have breakfast and go for my shower... Fizz during this time attends to Z. Giving her breakfast.
  • When Fizz gives Z her morning bath (he loves giving Z a bath both in the morning and evening and spend Quality time) I prepare breakfast for Fizz.
  • After seeing the maid, cook and Fizz off. Its CBeeBies time for Z and some reading time for me.
  • I look into what Z needs to eat and if anything needs to be made separately.
  • Z n Mamma have lunch latest by 1pm post which Z takes a long nap at around 130.
  • Mamma gets her much deserved 'me-time' where I do my 30 mins workout at home. Can't really leave Z alone.
  • After this I attend to my writing assignments if any, log on Facebook (on my laptop). And then I go back to some reading.
  • While watching TV, I make myself a cup of coffee, put clothes for washing and check what to give Z for snacks.
  • Z gets up at 330, when she needs milk and a light snack. I prefer giving her fresh fruits.
  • I read out to Z, followed by some rhyme-time on You Tube.
  • Following this Z plays by herself and I go back to some reading or some chores which need to be taken care of.
  • Then the best time of the day arrives (unfortunately there are no parks near our apartment and the roads are not in a very good shape). I take Z on our terrace where she loves to catch some fresh air, and get some bruises (she gets so excited she runs all over the place). Once in a week I take Z to Cafe Coffee Day, where Ma enjoys her coffee and her muffin enjoys a muffin.
  • Back in our apartment Z watches TV while I prepare Z's dinner which she has at around 7ish (if she's had a muffin she hardly eats anything).
  • Then Z has her dinner and plays while waiting for her 'Pa'. Pa arrives at around 8-830.
  • I take a sigh of relief as now Pa takes over. Post that my day (or whatever is left of it, is full of me-time/family time.) In which I surf net, watch TV, prepare whatever has to be done for dinner and have dinner with Fizz, go on a drive once in a while, and do  whatever I wanna do.
  • Once Z sleeps then its Fizz-Me time. It lasts hardly 15 minutes but that's one of the moment I look forward to in the entire day.
So basically my life's not very interesting, but the 2 beautiful souls I have for company make it a dream come true everyday. Do I feel blessed or what. *Kalaa Teeka, *Touchwood, *ThankGod and all that.


  1. U seem very organised :). This post is a nice peek-a-boo to ur daily life. Cheers!

  2. Well if I won't be organized then I would go mad... :-)


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