Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I feel like a WINNER already.... Bring it on!

So the 'Battle with the Buldge' is going strong (toughwood)... and I'm someone who believes in celebrating little

moments which make me feel elated.

I do 30 minutes of walk in the morning, around 20 minutes walk + 15 minutes of Abs in the afternoon and finish my day with 30 minutes of aerobics. Today was one of the days that I was feeling extremely lazy, so I decided to do my aerobics in the afternoon... I was sure,looking at my condition, that I won't be able to workout at night.

Z generally loves looking at me and Jane Fonda when I do my aerobics, so I thought it won't be tough for me to handle her alone. I played the VCD and Z started following me. Then she brought her book up to me and wanted me to read it. I somehow managed to dogde her... she constantly kept tugging me and pulling my Tee. Those 30 minutes seemed like 3 minutes, because I was constantly trying to keep Z entertained. During the last 5 minutes she started whinning and wanted my attention. I had to hurry through my cool down and stretches (which I hate doing). When I finally was through I sat down with a glass of water... Z came to me and kept her head on my lap... I got my reward for doing my workout when I was feeling lazy. It made my day.

BTW did I tell you? I managed to lose 3 kgs in last one month... That's hardly anything, I know... but it sure is a good confidence booster.


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