Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Z's Mother's Day & Hubby's Birthday Gifts

I know this is coming in late, since Mother's Day and my Hubby's birthday happened a week ago. I decided it's not only me who will surprise Fizz on his Birthday but I'll give a gift from Z's side as well. Also, Mother's Day was coming up and since Fizz was damn busy, I decided to get something for myself as well (from Z :-)). 

I wanted both the gifts to be similar and I didn't want to spend much on these. I'm a huge fan of personalized Photo Mugs.... They can be made as you want them, will definitely be used a million times before they're broken... and Z's picture on the coffee mug is a BONUS. So here is a look at the mugs Z gave us and we loved them.

Mumsu's Mom's Day Gift

Another View

Pa's Birthday Gift

Another View... Please note focus on 'ATM' is the maximum :-)

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