Friday, May 11, 2012

I know what you are saying Mum...

Z may be a girl of few words (yeah her vocab has around 7-8 words as of now... she keeps on adding to it though), but that doesn't stop her from being a chatter box, an avid reader and she follows instructions brilliantly :-) touch wood.

Z's love for reading and listening to stories is increasing by every passing day. So much so, that Fizz really get worked up when Z walks up to him with her book and pulls his trousers, going 'Pa-Pa-Pa'. Now Fizz can never get irritated when it comes to Z but the problem is she asks him to read a book at an interval of maximum 10 minutes... :-). Fizz's favorite reply "Haan Haan Aapka Homework bhi karana hai" :-)

She does the same with me. Today when we came back from our evening walk... Z brings her favorite Farm book and goes Ba-Ba (no, that's not for the sheep in the book, she calls me 'Ba'. Ba for sheep is longer with a vibrating effect)... When I was through with the book two times, I told her 'Z, go get another book...' and I pointed to a pile of Z's books. She said 'Buk' and goes, shuffles through the lot and picks up one.

When we were doing her evening 'clean-up' routine, I told her "Z, go bring that 'red block' quick". Then I pointed at the block. She, without even thinking twice picked up the block and handed it to me. 

With her favorite book

Running after me with a book to read


  1. awwww...touchwood...a teddy hug to Zoe...such a nice girl...must say real smart also!!!

  2. Yeah a nice and super naughty girl... :-)... That's y I call her 'Smarty Pants'


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