Friday, May 11, 2012

Now TIME will decide "Are You Mom Enough?"

So all of a sudden this article in Time Magazine and the cover page has become a hot topic of debate. It is called 'Attachment Parenting', as if mothers who aren't breastfeeding their babies post infancy or not breast feeling at all (for whatever reason) are not 'attached' to their babies or vice versa. Who are we (or anybody) to make such comments. It is to each their own.

The headline (Are You Mom Enough???) and the pictures have created a lot of controversy and have become a topic of debate. Whether you want to breastfeed your baby till 6 months or 4 years that is a call you, your baby and the situation you are in takes.

Why create so much hype around it? What will happen to the boy featured on the cover is another story.


  1. I feel it is to each their own....why so much hoo-ha about that...if anybody is comfortable with their 4 year old taking BM, then why should anyone else has problem...similarly if baby is not taking BM, then why should be the mom send to a guilt trip....

  2. Obviously. Why create so much hype around an issue that should completely be a personal choice.


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