Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toddling Tuesday - Handling a Clingy Baby

The moment Z lays eyes on her Pa she clings on to him. She's obsessed with him and vice versa. Taking Z in his lap for hours is becoming a problem, as Z is a growing toddler Mash'Allah. Fizz does get exhausted on weekends especially. So in malls or places where we find a little open spot we play 1-2-3 weeee (yeah that's something I developed on such a weekend). This time I came up with an excellent idea... when Z doesn't want to step down Pa's lap, we make her stand on the floor... Both holding one of her hand. And we go 1-2-3 Weeeeee... At 'weeeee' we swing her in the air. Z has fallen in love with it. And I'm feeling super... I'm still the smart one (well in some cases at least).


  1. Ha ha...I think I can try out this idea...Mishti also behaves similarly sometimes...


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