Friday, May 18, 2012

Sleepless Nights

Today (Tonight actually), Fizz lost his temper on Z for the first time. Since past 3-4 days she doesn't sleep at night and if she does, she gets up at 2:00am and is up till 5-6 in the morning. It's always been Fizz who make Z go to bed at night and I do that for her day-time naps. Z does not want to change this at any cost.

So, what happened last night was that Z just kept shrieking the moment we put her on her bed and wanted Fizz to pick her up. Fizz did what she wanted at first, then started ignoring her. When Z continued this for an hour Fizz shouted at her... I know how guilty Fizz must have felt after that. He cannot tolerate when I speak to Z in a high pitched voice, he must've cursed himself for doing this.

What Z wanted (which we realized pretty late) was that I should leave the room. So, I have no option left... Even if I have fever, I cant make Z understand it.


  1. Arrrghhh....these tantrums!!!

    last friday night kind of similar story happened in my house and the daddy was feeling so guilty that whole Saturday he over indulged the kid !!!

    1. Ufffff.... Fizz apologized so many times before leaving for work. I can bet lots of pampering in store for Z over the weekend.


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