Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to my favorite Husband :-)

When I got married to Faizan 4.5 years back, both of us were sure we've found our soul mates. That feeling/belief has only become stronger now.... 

Don't  know about you Fizz, but here are my top 32 reasons for loving you (Why 32??? You know that :-))
  1. You are yourself, you don't waste your energy in being or trying to be someone/something you aren't. You are totally genuine.
  2. We're friends 1st.... Maybe because of the less age difference, similar personality, or God knows what... We understand each other. We don't have to communicate to one another and still know what we want. We love hanging out like friends and that's the best about our relationship.
  3. Your trait of never being able to say 'No' to anyone. I know you hate it, but I adore you for that.
  4. You aren't an MCP. Living with a feminist like me, and believing in a lot of things I say/do... I love you for this. Your recent Facebook status only proves I'm right... It said "Be kind to women, they take up half of the population... and are mothers to the other half !!! " #women #respect #salute. 
  5. You love shopping for Z & me more than shopping for yourself.
  6. You love movies like me... And you can watch and appreciate Rom-Com as you do your Sci-Fi movies (which I fail to understand). We like the same actors: Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Drew Barrymore, Tom Hanks... We also dislike the same actors: Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai ;-). One odd Priyanka Chopra doesn't really matter (but why do you like her???)
  7. You might like eating good food but you have never forced me to cook. You know how much I 'don't like' cooking.
  8. I used to love reading before I met you... but you introduced me to a whole lot of books which I hadn't read... Especially my favorite Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer.
  9. You aren't someone who doesn't show his emotions just because you are 'a man'. Neither do you become over emotional about things. You manage to create the perfect balance.
  10. You never force your ideas on me. I'm free to decide what I want to do, where I wanna go, what I want to buy. 
  11. I love your sense of handling finances well. That definitely is something time has taught you. Now you have learned how to create that awesome balance between saving and spending.
  12. You know how to pamper both your angels (me and Z). Being a Leo I love you for that.
  13. You genuinely seek my opinions. And you apply them in your life when you think I make sense (which is quite often).
  14. Your sense of humor, the fact that you're witty not cheap. 
  15. You like music... Thanks for introducing me to Presley's music. You like Hindi Film music as well, which is a big bonus.
  16. This has happened so many times. Whenever I'm thinking of you, you give me a call/text me (it just happened). P.S: That doesn't  mean you can ignore my calls 10 times a day. 
  17. Listening to my constant chatting... its commendable. Now that we're the 2 of us (Z n me) you hear our constant yapping without complaining.
  18. You let me have my 'kabza' over our living room when I want to work-out. You never ever complain.
  19. You not only do your share of the household chores, but at times you end up doing more than your share.
  20. You listen to all my nagging and constant complaining. You have seen me go through postpartum depression, constant mood swings, and consistent whining but you NEVER complain.
  21. When I put on so much weight, you are the one who is the 1st one to say 'I don't like skinny, slim women.' Yeah right... You are also the 1st one to encourage me when I'm working out or dieting.
  22. You are smart and extremely well-aware. You can comment/debate on any topic. Smart Bwaaaoy.
  23. You treat my family as yours. You share an excellent rapport with all of them without even trying too hard. You have become my family's Blue Eyed Boy...
  24. I don't like buying a lot of things (good for you!). Whenever I ask you for anything its very tough for you to say 'no'. Mwaaaaah for that.
  25. You don't fail to surprise me.
  26. You don't care much about  designer labels or brands. Still you make sure you don't look clumsy/dirty when you step out of the house.
  27. You love cooking more than I do. If both of us are tired and sitting in front of the TV in the evening, and you want to eat something... You go straight to the kitchen and start making it yourself. You don't even give me a hint that you want to eat something.
  28. Like a kid you get obsessed with a new thing we buy. Whether its a new fridge, mobile, television or even a utensil. You make sure you are the first one to use it. You make sure you by heart the entire user-manual (if there's any) and raise 10000 questions. Love that you've managed to keep the kid in you alive.
  29. You are capable of being extremely patient at times and can become extremely impatient and short tempered at other times (especially on Sunday nights)
  30. You can pour your heart out. And when you feel the need you don't shy away from saying 'I'm sorry' or 'I love you' or 'you are the best'. Mwaaah Mwaaaaaah for that.
  31. You might love me a lot but when I'm wrong you're the 1st one to tell me that.
  32. Z is blessed to have you (the best dad) and I can't thank Allah enough for you.

O.k 32 is over, but my reasons aren't.
Happy Birthday sweetheart. I know you hate celebrating your big day from the day you turned 30... but you're 32 honey... Accept it ;-).

May Allah bless you with all the good health, happiness, wealth, togetherness (as a family for the 3 of us) and a long life. Ameen.


  1. I like this list....we are very similar :-)

    Wishing lots of happiness to Zoe's Pa on his '32nd' b'day...

    1. Thanks so much... Will convey ur message to fizz. He's still sulking about turning 32... :-))


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