Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays- Visiting Cubon Park

We wanted to take Z to explore some nice open space for a long long time. Since Bangalore isn't a city we know much about (from a Parent's perspective) we decided to do a little research. 

Just FYI - Fizz has stayed in Bangalore for a couple of years in his Bachelor days.

We went through a post on Things to do with kids in Bangalore, and we zeroed down on Cubon Park (popularly known as Bal Bhavan). Z wasn't well on Saturday, so she wasn't in her true form when we started the drive.... but went back to her happy self by EOD. The park had a lot of things to do... Train ride, boat ride, kids rides, playground with slides, swings (which are totally worn out). It being a Sunday, there was a large number of people in the park (more than the park could 'pleasantly' accommodate). The grounds were nice where and we spent most of our time (whatever we spent there) walking on them. 

There is a ground opposite Bal Bhavan which had horses and kids were riding on them. I wanted to click a picture with Z sitting on the horse... will tell you what happened in a bit.

During the Ride.... at a traffic signal.

Managed to give her 'Sleepy Smile' when Pa requested
Talking to 'Pa' on phone LOL
Stunned to see so many people around!
Amazed by kids (and grown ups) skating
Didn't want to come off the lap coz she wasn't well
Pep-Talk with Mumsu
That's when she saw the horse
That's what happened when she sat on the horse

Bye-Bye time


  1. Even Shreya freaked out when we took her to Dino park recently. BTW, Z looks lovely, even though she wasn't well.

    1. Yeah? I guess they see all these animals in books and at this age they shriek out see a big moving animal in real. BTW thanks for the compliment. The weather is terrible, all 3 of us were sick over the weekend... Z and I had fever :(


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