Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays

Heyo all.... Happy Tuesday.... 
I have already mentioned about Z's obsession with books...
Besides books, Z has another obsession that's of Mobile phones (like mommy :-D).
The moment a mobile ad comes or even if she sees a glimpse of a cell phone on TV she keeps a hand on her ear and goes 'Heeeyo-Heeeeyo... Blah...blah...blah...' as if she's talking to someone.
We were in Spar on Saturday and there were lots of people as usual ... It being a weekend. Fizz and Z were browsing through some sections while I was picking up some stuff for Z... When I was through I couldn't locate them and called Fizz to check where he was. He couldn't hear the ring, but Z did... And she kept on saying 'Heeeyo-Heeeeyo-'Heeeyo-Heeeeyo..' Till Fizz realized and took the call.
Now when Z's around... Fizz sure can't make an excuse saying "Oh! You were calling? I didn't hear it..." :-)

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