Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My 'I Stood Up' Moment

I know I mostly write as a 'mom' in here, but its my responsibility that my daughter learns about something her mom did and is proud of.

Here Goes:
I've spent most of my schooling, college and post-grad years in Delhi. Traveling in the famous (read infamous) DTC Buses (Delhi Metros came in a few years later). Those who have stayed in Delhi and traveled in the DTC buses will relate to my story. Women must've experienced it and men must've witnessed it (most of them as silent observers).

So it was regular mad-mad winter morning, I rushed  to my bus stop and reached just in time to board my 711 to South Extension. Just to tell you non-Delhites this is a 'packed' route in which many working professionals and South DU students travel. If you get place to stand, you should feel blessed.

At the stop next to mine a middle aged 'gentle' man boarded the bus, he came and stood pretty close to me... I had handled these kind of morons before and I knew from the look of him that he was up to something. I stood silently but I was prepared. I moved towards the entrance of the bus and he followed. He then did what he should never have... He tucked his hands in my sweater... Bad luck ... I hand long nails at that point in time, I held his hand and dug my nails in his skin... He took out his hand which still had my nails dug in and tried making a scene by saying "Arre-Arre Madam, Kya Kar Rahi Hain? " (Ma'am what the hell are you doing?) And I told him right back (in a loud voice so that everyone in the bus could here me) "Abhi Bataaoon kya Kar Rahi Hoon??? Itna pitega na ki..." (Should I tell everyone what you were doing? You'll get beaten up real bad". )

What happened post that is something I didn't expect, 4-5 College going guys got up to handle him, and they made him get off the bus. Don't know whether these guys were trying to show-off, trying to impress me, or were genuinely concerned... but my work was done.

What I loved about that incident in particular was that I was not scared at all. I was sure even if no one came to my rescue I'd handle that a**h**e single handed.

Why is it that women in many places in our country are treated as object... Who are born to please everyone but themselves? Wanna call me a feminist... Go ahead.... I believe in standing up for myself and so must you.

I'm writing this as a part of   "I Stood Up" Blogathon by Women'sWeb


  1. Tell me about it. I had so many such incident which initially made me feel guilty (for no mistake of mine) but later brought out the strength in me to fight back.

    1. I took DTC For five years (through College and Post Grad) and every day almost something or the other like this happened. I was scared initially then sick of it and knew since I cannot run away I will have to handle it.


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