Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zoe The Zebra : Book Review

Brief: Zoe the Zebra is about Zoe and her friends (other animals) playing Hide-N-Seek in the jungle. 

Why I picked it: Isn't the reason obvious? I picked it up because the Zebra shares my daughter's name and he is super adorable.

My initial reaction:I liked the book, it looked bright and colorful, with 'Zoe' written all over it

Z's initial reaction: She started exploring the pages and fell in love with the colors. The book being small in size and full of pictures just made her love it even more.

My take on the book now: I loved the book... its a little 5 'pager' full of colors and lots of pictures.

Z's take now: It isn't her favorite, but still she loves it. Especially the way her mom reads it out to her.
How do we read it: I always make Z's story time as fun and animated as possible. So this book is full of various animal sounds and actions. 

Age Group: They've mentioned its for 2+ but Z anyways loves it and so does her mom. 

Buy it from: I bought it from BabeezWorld. There are many baby shopping sites but this one has more books available... check it out. 

Other Books in the Series
  • Eddie the Elephant
  • Leo the Lion
  • Molly the Monkey
  • Filly The Frog
  • Wobbly Eye Bugs
  • Wobbly Eye Jungle
  • Wobbly Eye Pets
I'm so looking forward to check these out. 

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