Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toddling Tuesday

We are back from our short holiday to Shimoga....The holiday was not great, it was just about OK... but we definitely had a relaxing time there, that is more than worth it.

Z had her first road trip and I must say she behaved very well. We drove around 500-600 kms in 2 days. This incident happened in one of the car rides... but first the backdrop. 

Couple of months back, Z hated whenever I used to put any clips or other accessories in her hair. The child is obsessed with her hair. So whenever I successfully put a clip in her hair now I always clap, and after a couple of days, Z now makes sure she claps whenever I put a clip/other hair accessories in her hair...

Now going back the the drive in Shimoga, I was talking about... Z was sleeping in her Pa's lap, she had just slept... I took a strand of her hair and fixed it back with her clip. As soon as I put the clip, Z clapped ... Yes in her sleep... It was hilarious... 

That's about us... what about you?


  1. Awwww..I look forward every week for ur TT posts :-D

    Btw...ur new layout is looking nice


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