Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is it so hard to remember basic Manners?

You might think I'm overdoing ... I wrote a post on the same topic a few months back and here I'm again. Things have changed and I have become even more particular about basic manners.

In my Pre-Z days I was pretty chilled out about certain things in life. For instance, if I was standing in a long queue for billing, and someone barged in front of me breaking the line... Chances of me cursing the person (silently) were higher than arguing with that moron. I would also have thought, maybe the guy who broke the line would have had an emergency and he wasn't that bad.

Now things have changed for sure. I can't do things in the manner I wish. I know there is someone whose constantly watching my actions and learning from them. Now-a-days I feel so sick when there's me trying to teach Z  to share and take turns... Reminding her to say please and thank you and do nothing about it. I mean if a child (not even 2 yet) can remember basic manners, why shouldn't I or any other educated adult for that matter. 90% of the times these 'badly behaved' are fully grown adults. I know its none of my business to correct them, but I really get worked up when Z watches them with full attention. It bugs me to see people setting a wrong example in front of a kid. Why is it so difficult for people to be decent and remember basic manners... Is it so difficult?

I really do not know... may be you do... I guess there should be a special manner school for these special cases who can't remember simple things, they were taught even before they went to school.... it sure is a pity.

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