Monday, November 26, 2012

2 years of Amazing Z-Ness

Z if you're already 2 young lady. I just cannot believe (I really cannot) that you are 2 already... Just relax kid... You can chill and we are in no hurry for you to grow up :-P. You have become such a big girl in the past couple of months Mash'Allah. Most moms choke up on their kids 1st birthday, but to be honest when I look back, I think you were quite a baby back then :). It seems like all of a sudden you have become a girl and aren't a baby any more (All right, lets settle with 'toddler'). I don't actually remember, when and how... but the last 12 months saw you transform from a baby to a girl. It wasn't a day or month... you have grown up each and every moment... and have made life special.

Obviously, I feel time has flown by... but I'll skip these cliches. Do you feel the same way? I mean were we good parents and you didn't realize time flew by. Or was I a terror and you do not want to think about the 2 years gone by... naah... I hope I wasn't so bad.

I keep a journal about your achievements in the last 2 years, but do you remember how your days went by? If you want me to re-write the entire thing... I'm sorry I can't. You can sure check our monthly posts and you can keep reading them.

Z you are all that I always wanted and much more. I clearly remember how you looked when you came in this world (2 years back) and the moment I saw you, tears started rolling down my eyes. I must admit, the relationship I shared with you, has developed, I frankly couldn't relate to you when you were born, as I do today.

This year has been full of surprises, more milestones, a great lot of fun and a whole lot of tantrums. Z you must be thinking I always... always... always keep cribbing about your tantrums, but I love it... coz when I see you I feel at least there is someone who beats me hands down. Actually now I have become kind of used to of the tantrums that you throw. People say these are 'terrible 2s' but I'd like to term them as the 'terrific 2s'. You're growing and if we don't understand what you want, or we can't take charge of a situation being adults... You will throw a tantrum for sure.

You have developed a personality of your own... You are loving, independent, a social butterfly, sharp (my smarty pants), a bookworm, stubborn, you love limelight, you have strong mood swings and that makes you a perfect mix of FizzNFalak. One thing that is clear now is that,  you have become my Little Ms. Independent in the past year.  You don't cling on to us all the time (you do only when you want to). You want to wash hands, lay the table, put on your shoos, brush your teeth and what not.

You are also a busy bee, you keep yourself busy with books, magnets (yes fridge magnets) and your musical instruments. You let Mommie continue her work when you want to... but when you need attention, you just come and shut Mom's laptop... Warning toh de diya karo yaar. I won't say no... You know that.

O.K now a lot of good things... Let's come straight to business. So your Z-ness its time to bid many things adieu... Diapers and thumb sucking for sure... We sure are making progress in both these aspects. Another big step would be starting School, from June Insh'Allah. So, no more loitering around and creating a ruckus at home.

Its your day my sweet-pea and we will do what you like, another vacation birthday... And you're enjoying to the core. Happy Birthday Z, you are the best gift Allah has blessed us with Mash'Allah. Have a Blast my baby. May Allah bless you with everything you deserve and much more, may you have a blessed life ahead. And may we have the patience, love, understanding, maturity to bring you up as a loving, confident, responsible, happy individual. Love you Doll.

A picture post with details on how we celebrated your Pondi birthday will follow.


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