Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Toddler turns 2 in Pondi

Last year we had so much fun celebrating The Toddler's 'vacation birthday' in Goa, that we were sure we will do it again and again... till the time she doesn't get old enough for family vacations :-(. 

This year, for The Toddler's 2nd Birthday, our destination was Pondicherry. We reached Pondicherry at 5.30 pm on 25th November, a day before the birthday. We were supposed to reach at 2 but, the husband decided on taking a Road trip and we lost track at Vellore. Then our resort was around 10kms from Pondicherry, we took a long long time to locate the resort. Having said that... I must confess, The Toddler was totally well-behaved, she kept on yapping and her mischief didn't stop... but she didn't misbehave. Fizz drives amazingly, and we had some nice music for company. The journey was long but not bad at all.

We were very tired when we finally checked-in Zest Big Beach Resort Pondicherry. We decided to rest and have dinner at the resort itself. The resort was big and beautiful. It did have lots of place to roam around, a beach, and amazing activities for kids. On the down side, the lunch and dinner buffet was a tad bit expensive (for non-members of Mahindra Holidays) and there was NO room-service. We wouldn't have chosen this hotel, if not for The Toddler. Seeing her enjoy, we were happy with our choice. The Toddler is a water baby and loved the beach. She saw Turkeys, Geese, Chicken, and a lot of birds... and she loved running after them.

Next day was 26th November and The Toddler's birthday. Post breakfast we explored the beach and went for a dip in the pool. We decided to put on our tourist garb and visit Auroville and Pondi Beach. We lunched at Cafe Le Flore. Amazing ... Amazing place, sitting in the sea facing open cafe was an experience. Cafe Le Flore is a cafe attached to a art gallery and a must visit. The food was just about average, but we didn't mind that at all. The Toddler loved exploring the open area.

Next day we visited the museum, a church and lunched at LeCafe again at Pondi Beach. Beautiful small little place besides the beach. I could've sat there for hours. Food was good but the coffee which we had post lunch was super. The rest of the days were spent lazing at the resort, as for Fizz that's what holidays are for.

We left for Bangalore next morning post-breakfast and this time around we reached Bangalore on time... thanks to Fizz n his research.

Z Family


Dancing in her bikini

Exploring Pondi

The Toddler loved Cafe De Flore

The Cafe

Isn't it amazing

People aren't wrong when they say she is my carbon copy

And her Fizzy's Darling Dotty.

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