Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project 52- Week 2 - We trust you Sweetheart

I remember when I was in college, there was some rumor a 'relative' of ours was spreading about me, which was extremely pathetic and a complete lie. I came to know about it later, but that person made sure my parents know every bit of it, with extra spices and a strong tadka. I might smile as I recall now, but back then I was very emotional and was totally hurt. I went to my parents and asked them "Didn't all this bother you guys a bit?"... All they said was "We trust you Sweetheart..." These 4 words changed my entire life and my thought process. Thank God for that incident.
One thing which is extremely important for a rock-solid relationship is a 5 letter word TRUST. I know the importance of it, since I grew up to parents who luckily trusted me... I have seen and heard of parents who start having doubts about their own children. My parents chose to believe in us than any gossip monger or a lay man. That gave us (3 siblings) the courage to be upfront and truthful to our parents. When I got into my first relationship, my dad was the 1st person to know/meet him. When Faizan proposed to me the first person I told was mom.
I'm blessed to have equally trusting siblings and a husband who has blind faith in me and vice-verse.
I feel as a parent its not only our duty to tell your child the difference between right and wrong... Equally important is trusting your child. I would want to be a mom who has complete faith in The Toddler, and I want Zoe to become a girl who discusses things (especially which might involve her parents) with us. 
This is not as easy as it may sound. You can't just say "I trust you", you have to stand by your child when s/he needs you. I just hope and wish, we as parents are able to successfully bring the Toddler up as we have planned to raise her. **Fingers Crossed. 


  1. A beautiful thought you have penned down. It is extremely important that our little ones know we trust them and its never too early to let it show...

  2. Welcome aboard Ruth... Absolutely, it is never too early to show you trust em :-) Keep Visiting

  3. This really touched a chord, Zoe's Mom! And weirdly, the same thing happened to me in college. Guess college-going girls all have similar nosey relatives, huh? But trust in your children -as important as it is difficult.

    1. Absolutely... It is a lesson learned for life and it ain't easy to follow for sure.

  4. Its the most important thing. When i started work and would stay at boys' houses overnight, I would call and explain my platonic relationship with my host. And always my mom and dad would say "we trust you. you do what you think is right. you are old enough and we are with you. make us proud." I want the same for my daughter too.

    well said!


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