Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

6 years of friendship
6 years of belief in each other
6 years of standing besides each other
6 years of spreading happiness in each others life
6 years of turning partners from friends and parents from partners
6 years of loving each other more with each passing day
6 years of spending life’s best moments with each other
6 years of hoping the best is yet to come
6 years of working hard and lazing around
6 years of promises that we know we want to keep
6 beautiful years of togetherness
6 amazing years of wishing that we will grow old together

You have been my support, my best critic, my better half. You (sort of) fill the void my AJ left… I can’t say this about you, but I have been BLESSED to have Faizan as my husband… as a best friend for life. I do not know if I have been a good wife, but I know you love me a lot…
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. Love You!

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