Wednesday, January 8, 2014

And she made me go Teary Eyed ...

21st December 2013 was Z's 1st Parent's Day and we were all very excited about her big day. Z and her friends had been preparing for their big day for more than a month now. Whenever we asked to tell us what she was doing, she just changed the topic. She didn't even tell us which song was she dancing on... leave aside showing us her steps.

Faizan and me were sure Z wouldn't go on stage... and even if she did, she wouldn't dance. I was hoping against hope she does though. We stopped asking her about the dance. On the D-Day we reached the auditorium, 1st thing that shocked us was that she saw two of her friends and she went straight to them. She didn't want to come to us when we called her, when it was time to go on stage...Z did get a little apprehensive but didn't resist going on stage. The kids were kept backstage throughout the program and Z was happy to be there. When the 'Santa Dance Troupe' reached the stage, Fizz and me were ready that Z might not dance... like many small kids did when they reached on stage before Z's performance.

We were in for a surprise, Z completed the entire dance, enjoyed herself and my baby looked totally ADORABLE. Fizz and me were cheering up like we have never done ever before... I was all smiles and tears started rolling down my eyes. It was a moment I will never ever forget.  Thanks Z for giving me another #ProudMommyMoment

Z's on the extreme right in front.

And here is the Santa Claus song Z danced on.

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