Saturday, January 3, 2015

Piyo glass full doodh...

Doodh... Doodh... Doodh... Wonderful doodh. Pheeeeew! I used to love this song but not from the past couple of days. 

Z is a picky eater and she can't be forced/cajoled into eating. The good thing is she doesn't like anything junk except chips which she has a few pieces of once a fortnight or a month. She gets an occasional treat (once in 5-6 months) and she's happy... Touchwood.

Here I want to talk about milk. Z used to love milk and it was the one thing she never fussed about. Unfortunately, Pediasure decided to make its 'Chocolate' flavour more Chocolatey and Miss Z refused to have it. She wants the old Pediasure. She didn't have a drop of milk for a week ... Finally she settled in for Horlicks. She still is extremely fussy... At times she just refuses to have a single drop. I showed her the 'Amul wonderful doodh' song and she hates the song as well. Sigh!

And yes! We've tried milkshakes, home made ice cream, et al.

Will keep you updated on Mission 'glass full doodh'. We're getting there, don't know how long it'll take.

Enjoy the song till I make her finish her Glass Full Doodh 

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