Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Z at #ZohaKiShaadi

When we left for Kanpur, I didn't know how would Z react seeing so many people around her. How would she be able to cope up with the cold, especially when most of the functions were outdoors. Her schedule would go for a toss completely, wedding functions obviously meant late night.

Keeping our fears aside ... or shall I say, taking them along we left on our journey. When we reached Kanpur finally, Z was a little apprehensive. She had seen everyone a few times but, did she remember them all? No. She only recognized my elder sister and her cousin brother Z. Well, that was a decent start. At least, she didn't cry like she did in the past. She was just a little uncomfortable, that is it. As days past, Z not only started recognizing people, she enjoyed with them as well. She also loved spending time with them without me or Fizz, this, was a huge achievement.

Talking of the marriage functions, well I did get a little irritated by the time the Walima (reception) was over. So many functions, and getting ready for all of them was not child's play. Z did not mind getting all decked up and she did attend all the functions, she loved staying at the venue till all of us were ready to leave. She enjoyed the food, the attention that she was getting and she learned how to pout for selfies as well.

She got mehndi applied for the first time, and she patiently sat for an hour till the mehndi was dry. I didn't expect that happening for sure. She was also the star dancer, she has snatched my title from right under my nose.

All her Khas (Khaalas/Aunts....well that is what she calls them) loved to pamper her... be it Aanie, Nookha, Bushkha, Peekha, ZoKha, ZeeKha, FuKha, ShuKha (funny names ... yeah?). Z misses all of you. Yes, and she keeps talking about Sartaj Mamoo, Jaan, Ahm and MaazMoo as well. How can I forget all the Ammoos she met there... but she talks about Rayef Baby and Zeffy Bhai the most. All in all she LOVED the attention she was getting. 

The day we were leaving Kanpur, all she said was 'Mumsy, I will go to Delhi in April. Get the tickets.' We sure will Sweety!

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