Friday, February 13, 2015

Another VDay Post, this is not for Z

I have wished Z's dad on Valentines for the past 3 years. I started seeing you more as Z's dad and less as a partner I always wanted. Today I want to say sorry, sorry for treating you like a piece of furniture for long. I thought I was being a good mom (I hope), and I was doing great. I forgot you need me as much as Z needs me. You on the other hand were always there, without me even having to ask.

I have always said you are the anchor in my life. I hold on to you and you never let me down. You make sure you are there for me always. You let me be me, let me do what I think is right and you never impose your views on me.

The little things that you do, the beautiful little surprises you give me, make me love you all the more.

You don't care whether I'm in my worst of moods or the best of them, you are there by my side. You don't even have to say that you are by my side, I know you are. Even if the people I have grown up with don't understand me, you do... and I love you for that as well. In fact you are closer to my family than I'm.

We still laugh together and like really laugh. You know what is going on in my life, and vice versa. I have never spent a day without discussing it with you...

My smallest achievements make you so happy, and you understand my ambitions, my dreams and of course ME. No one understands me more than you, you understand me more than I understand myself.

You know, I love the fact that you don't speak much and I get to do the talking.

The cherry on the cake (sorry for bringing this up) is that you are 'a super cool dad'.

P.S: I know how happy you are now, Mr. Vice President. That was an extremely well-deserved promotion (the fact that you are super smart makes you totally irresistible)

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