Friday, February 13, 2015

"But I love you Mumsy" (VDay Special)

That's Z's favorite line and it completely melts my heart. Well, it will melt anyone’s heart really…. Let me tell you, I’m a tough nut to crack; I don’t give in easily when it comes to being a mom. Not a tiger mom but definitely a tough mom for sure. 

I try not to make it obvious to Z, but she can totally make her Mumsy do almost anything when she makes one of the innocent face and says "But I love you Mumsy".

It usually happens when I'm angry or she is expected to do something she doesn't want. Like recently in Kanpur when I was super angry with her. She was super clingy on the day we arrived. It was a long journey, car ride till Bangalore Airport, flight till Lucknow (with a halt at Calcutta) and drive of over 2 hours till we reached Kanpur…both of us were tired. She wanted me and I wanted to relax and be with my relatives. It is at moments like these, I want her to give me some space. When she didn't calm down after all my Mommy tactics, I got angry... didn't speak to her for almost 2 hours and she must've said "But I love you Mumsy" at least 30 times (I stopped counting post that). 

The other time when she goes “But I love you Mumsy” is when I tell her to do something she doesn’t want to. If I tell her to eat all the veggies I've added to the fried rice she just makes a sorry face and says.... yeah you got it, "but I love you Mumsy". 

I never really have made her feel she will get whatever she wants from me when she goes "But I love you Mumsy"... In fact I don't even say 'Awwww how adorable”.

It became so irritating at a point in time that all I wanted to do was just snap back at her. Everyone started laughing at her the moment she said “But I love you Mumsy”. I hated that… and I knew she hated that as well. Thank God I didn’t do that… I tried to analyse the situation and her reaction. I spoke to her and realized she says this because she doesn’t want to hurt me. When she wants something that I don’t want, Z says “but, I love you Mumsy” to convince me to make me feel better. She didn’t say all this but I could easily sense that. I hugged Z and told her “I will love you not matter what. Mumsy gets angry, but I will always love you.”

From that day (it’s been over a month), she says “Mumsy I love you” and I say “I love you too.”

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