Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BZM Bookalicious Tuesdays - Aliens Love Underpants!

Book: Aliens Love Underpants!
Author: Claire Freedman
For ages: 3-7

Why we picked it and what was our reaction: The title, I was curious and when I started reading at Crossroads, I had a broad smile on my face. Z loves anything related to space and aliens.Another thing I love it is pretty gender neutral book, will appeal to both girls and boys.

BZM Take: Besides the name, which made Z smile and pick the book up, she loved the bright colours and pictures. As we read the book, she was totally engrossed and smiled through. It became a favorite of hers soon.The book is hilarious and silly, kids would love it. From the day we first read it, Z always checks her underpants for aliens. :)

BZM gives: 8/10 (which is huge).

BZM Says: If you get it in the library pick up and read. See how your child reacts and then pick it up. If you are in Bangalore, you can check it out at the Reading Room.

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