Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BZM Bookalicious Tuesdays - Library Lion

I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed this awesome piece of work here.

Book:  Library Lion
Author: Michelle Knudsen
Illustrator:  Kevin Hawkes
For ages: 4+

Why we picked it and what was our reaction: While shopping for our book club I came across this book. The title made me curious and it instantly drew me towards itself. As I opened the book, I was sure I want to pick 2 copies of Library Lion, one for Z and one for The Reading Room. I wasn't wrong. Z fell in love with the book instantly and so did the other kids I have read it to. I loved the book from the word go.

BZM Take: It looks kind of timeless, I can never get bored of this book and neither has Z outgrown it yet (considering the fact that she reads it almost everyday). I connect more with the book because it is based in a library. We love Ms. Merriweather - the head librarian, who is extremely particular about rules, she corrects everyone who breaks rules. Finally, towards the end, she says "sometimes there is a good reason to break the rules." So true! The other characters, Mr. McBee, the storybook lady and the Lion are also an essential part of the book, thanks to Knudsen's story and life-like illustrations by Kevin Hawkes. Besides the storyline, the characters, illustrations, we also love the simplicity of the narrative.

From the time Z read this book, she has been asking, 'When will a lion come in our Reading Room?' I hope never :-P

BZM gives a perfect 10 (Can we give MORE) Check out Mindy Sterling read Library Lion

BZM Says: Go pick up, without thinking twice, if you are in Bangalore visit The Reading Room and explore Library Lion.

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