Monday, November 26, 2018

8 years of awesome

How do I address my 8 year old daughter who is everything I ever wanted. Zoë is my daughter, my strength, my weakness, my lifeline, my confidant, my partner-in-crime, my monkey, my mini-me… I can go on and on. 

Zoë is her own person now, she has a personality you won’t ignore. On her 8th, I wanted to celebrate Zoë and the person she has become or has always been...

Curious... One thing, which you can’t miss when and if you get a chance to meet Miss. Z is her curiosity. She wants to know anything and everything, at times her questions become too much to handle. Thankfully, I’m not the only one she turns to with her questions ;-). That’s the reason why maybe, academically, she is doing pretty well. She just loves to learn (that is without any pressure from school or at home).

A bookworm above anything else... I have seen children get into a reading phase and out, with Z she never gets out of it. Now, she also enjoys watching TV/movies and music. I should have mentioned music before television…. this year, she listened to a lot of Beatles and Presley (thanks to her dad), she loves Hindi Movie songs as well. Board games fascinate her and she likes playing games on Alexa as well. But, books still hold her heart.

Whiner, yes she is a big WHINER. She can whine about anything, and there's no stopping her. She becomes a little irritating whining and cribbing, at least I can say she hates her whiner self and is working at changing it.

Adamant: If she puts her heart on something, she wants to be the best at it. When she started her swimming lessons this summer, she was at a beginner level, now… she is quiet good at it, and all the credit goes to her. The flip side is, she still struggles at handling things that might not go her way. She gets pretty emotional, which is something we are working at. We are trying to release her emotions in a better manner.

Moody and very transparent: Zoë gets her mood-swings from me (damn) and she is extremely transparent as well, what’s going on within her is reflected on her face and her behaviour. Good thing or bad, well, depends how we handle the situation. Thankfully, she prefers sharing her feelings and emotions with us (both the parents).

Chatterbox: Always has been and I guess she will always be, she can just go on and on. Her language skills are something she gets appreciated for a lot, thanks to Zoë and her books.

Fair: Zoë has a very good sense of right and wrong, and when she sees something inappropriate she does question, we never stop her from doing this. I know she might land into trouble because of this, but we don’t want to take away something so precious from her… The world will just have to live with that.

Born to perform: If someone sees her in daily life her might say Zoë is extremely shy especially in amongst strangers. Leave her on stage and the girl owns it (she loves it). She loves public speaking, and this she has definitely taken from me… there is no denying it.

Helper: She has always been my little helper, but she loves helping her friends and people around her. She loves lending a helping hand whenever and wherever she can.

She loves her comfort zone: Zoë loves her comfort zone, she is super confident, happy and her true self, take her out and she gets into a shell, she comes out of the shell but not immediately.

Enthusiastic/Hyper: Yes, when in her zone, she is super energetic and enthusiastic about the smallest of things.

Our strength: She knows if something isn’t right with us or her friends (I don’t know how but she does) and she makes sure she makes us feel a little better. Everyday morning, post-gym she asks me about my workout and tells me, “Mumsy, you are so strong, Im so proud of you
Feminist: She is a budding feminist and believes in equality (like her parents). She is extremely vocal about it as well.

To Z I want to say, “Zoë, you are all this, all this, and much much more. Fizz and I love you for who you are and we will always respect you for being you. Please be as you are because, my little woman, you are very very special… Happy 8th sweetheart. Love you to the moon and back!" 

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