Sunday, January 29, 2012

Being a 14 month is fun!

The 13th month update did come a little late but I'm improving now. Z turned 14 months 3 days back, that's a great accomplishment. I've realized I've become a little lazy after Z turned a year old (in updating my blog that is). But my princess is turning into a naughty little devil (the sweetest devil I've known). So Z is becoming more and more active (touch-wood) and though she's quite a handful but is a whole lot fun.

Baaton Baaton mein- Z is becoming a little chatty chatty chatterbox. She is babbling like before, infact more than that if I may say so. Besides now she's started giving meanings to words. So Faizan is either Da or Da-Da. Whether she wants Fizz's attention, calls him, misses him... she goes Da-Da-Da. Whenever I say Faizan or Fizz, Z goes Da-Da before Faizan can even answer. You say light and Z goes 'Daaiit' pointing at the ceiling. Sheep is Ba-Ba for her when you say "Sheep says" and Z is ready with her Ba-Ba. And Bye still remains 'Ba-Bye' when ever someone opens our main door, Ms.Z goes Ba-Bye-Ba-Bye. :)

Z and me have developed a new form of conversation. I speak to her normally and she responds with her babbling. When she doesn't want anything she vigorously shakes her head like we adults say no. I ask Z "where's ur nosey?" she takes my finger (as if her fingers weren't enough) and puts it on her nose. Next up we're trying 'tum-tum'.

Z on the move seems to be her missions for months now. She still needs to muster the courage to walk without support, but Z loves exploring the place and loves to climb up and down mountains (the couch and the bed).

Music is her best friend:
Thank God I enrolled Z in Music class. Its helping her a lot. She gets to meet people her age, and my social butterfly loves to be the center of attraction. She does anything for that - moves all around the room, when kids are supposed to pick 1 or 2 music instruments, Z makes sure she has 3-4. She shouts on top of her voice in excitement. Loves playing with drum, shakers and the kiddy mike. She also loves bubbles. 

Even while watching T.V, she watches it only when a music channel is on. Else she's not bothered at all.You can Z see dancing on the slowest song ever made. Her current favorites are 'Humien hai Hero', 'Sunshine wali Asha', 'Auntyji' and the zero hour mashup.

Books keep her busy (for a little while):
Just like Mumsu and Abbi, Z Books. You gives her any book (kids books, Mamma's or Abbi's novels, magazines, even newspaper) and Z gets engrossed. We on our part make sure she has lots of em to read n explore.

And It goes in my mouth: Whenever you give her anything new it has to go in her mouth (so I've to be really careful here) her latest favorite is 'lehsun'. Her other favorites include: paper, pen, pencil, etc. The pediatrician said "She's just extremely inquisitive about things around her." Orite so I will give in to her inquisitiveness and let her explore... as if I have a choice.

Did I tell you Z's overtaken my Tab. Believe me there is nothing in my Tab for me. Its full of Z's favorite Rhymes, stories, colors, farm animals, body parts apps. She loves TomCat and wants to see different versions mostly. So I've to download Gina the Giraffe and a stupid dog as well.

Orite then. I really got to go. I've been ignoring Z for past 15 minutes or so and to get my attention she's hitting hard on the laptop screen and keyboard.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Z growing up to become her 'Dad's Little Princess'

O.K Like many mommies who blog I also feel that Faebook is killing the blogging Keeda in me. Somehow I try to pull myself together and get down to writing a blog or two every fortnight. Which I guess is just about OK.

So, after seeing Faizan off, I have switched on the TV, Z is watching some songs and I'm trying to jot my thoughts down. I know, many of the readers (out of the few that I have) would feel 'Kya maa hain, she's left the baby to watch the Idiot Box... I mean, How can she.' I really don't mind, coz a) I get some time for myself, being the only person to take care of a toddler when Faizan's not around can be really tough. b) Z loves music like her mum, so a little music wouldn't do no harm.

So back on the topic. The day I held Z in my hands for the first time I knew she would be closer to Faizan. I mean Faizan bonded with Z better than I did while I was pregnant and he was sure it was a baby girl. You should see the both of them together. The way he sings to her (in the most besura but cute way) while giving Z a bath. The way she smiles when he gets back home from work. When he narrates stories as he tries to make Z sleep. The stories that he tells Z only show how beautiful and precious Z is. And how Da-Da loves Z the most and vice-verse. The way he starts panicking the moment Z even whimpers.

The affection is mutual. We were in Delhi recently and Z missed Faizan so much that she used to cry endlessly every other night. I didn't understand initially, but after a couple of crying out sessions once I made her speak to Faizan. Basically, he was speaking and she just went "Da-da-da". The moment I hung up she went to sleep. Back home in Bangalore everyday you should see how she neglects me When Fizz comes back from work.

If you ask me... well I don't mind at all. I love the way they communicate with each other. I love the fact that when Fizz is around Z, I don't have to bother about her at all. And as Faizan (just to make me feel good) says "the both of you are completely like each other. Besides the fact that Z's my daughter I love her all the more because I see a lot of you in her." He actually wants me to buy that... :-). I love when he says that though...

So here is to Z and his Abbi (that's what Faizan wants Z to call him).  Till the next Z Update I'm off- in the hope that I will be more regular. Happy Parenting y'all. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Z Update-13.5 Months

Z is quite a handful now (God save me and all the toddler mommies who are handling babies - especially single handedly... take a bow ladies). She has become extremely naughty - not that she wasn't naughty earlier :-((.

Z is yet to start walking without support, but my little bundle of joy is all around the place. Don't believe me? Look at these pictures... (All of them were taken in flat 5 mins... Now you believe me).
She starts with the chair
Moving on to the shoe rack,
Talking with the Love Birds

Conversation continues

Her favorite spot in the house with lots of books

Picks up a Mag

Decides to climb up to explore better
Happy sitting on her favorite spot.

There was a small tragedy that happened with me today, the moment I decided to capture Z in motion, I clicked the first picture and the camera threw a tantrum. Switched off because of Low Battery (As if Z wasn't enough... even the camera was acting funny). I decided to take pictures from my Blackberry instead.

So let's get back to the topic I just can't stop discussing about. So Z's not walking yet but she has learnt how to get up and down our couch/bed. As one of my latest Facebook update said "Zoe promises to surprise with all her possible acts before she starts walking without support... She gets off and on the bed/sofa like a pro now. At times I feel Z knows how to walk but just being lazy :)). Take Your time baby."

She has started acting real funny these days. Tells me every now and then that - I'm a seperate individual now and I will do whatever I want to. Z loves screaming, initially I did get really worked up but now I just talk to her in a higher tone or play a song... she quitens all of a sudden... funny kid.

Z has recently discovered the joy of pushing.... whether it is an object or a person. I started taking to Z to a Mommy-toddler program with Rhythm N Rhyme ( She got so excited with music and seeing new friends around, she actually pushed a toddler... thankfully nothing happened.

She is becoming all the more picky about eating. Thankfully, she loves fruits so I really don't force her to eat. But when she doesn't eat properly for 2 meals one after the other, all I need to do is eat in front of her and she starts asking for what I'm eating. (Z Baby your mom is still smarter sweetheart.)

A thing that was bothering me these days was at times (once or twice last month) she woke up in the middle of the night crying. I checked with her ped, who said there is nothing to worry about - babies start dreaming around this age which can startle them. Thankfully it isn't a regular thing.

Another thing which I hate is Z's constant drooling... Because of that stupid drool, Z has rash over her chin. Thankfully I found a solution in Vaseline, I just need to apply a little on her chin and neck.

Something that Z's discovered is her love for our pet love birds. I hate keeping birds in a cage, but Fizz bought these one day and Z just loves them. So I thought I wouldn't mind keeping them for sometime.  

That's from my end, till Z gives me more material to blog about. I'll want to end with a lovely quote I read... Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow - Thomas Bray (Food for thought eh??? Keep thinking :))

Thursday, January 12, 2012

ZeeZo... The Deadly Brother-Sister Duo

I visited Delhi after a good 7 months. For a 1yo that's a lot, Z was last in Delhi when she had just turned 4 months and I didn't expect her to remember Delhi at all. Neither did I expect my 3yo nephew (referred as BB-Big Brother here) to bond with Z on the 1st day itself. I was wrong, BB did not take a second to make Z comfortable.

He became the typical Big Brother, he kept an eye on Z and didn't let go off her. Whenever I did scold Z or talk to her in a high pitched voice... BB came running, saying 'No, please don't shout at Z' and 'Mamma please tell Bajsi (that's what he calls me) not to scold Z baby'. I had to keep my temper in check else BB would've got after my life till I apologized to Z.

ZeeZo having a ball
BB's cars are his favorite possessions, and the only one he shared them with was (yeah you guessed it right) Z.

Delhi meant lots of shopping and visiting all the malls. So as I settled Z in her stroller and before I was ready to push, BB took his position besides the stroller and kept a hand on it. Wherever we went and for whatever time, he didn't let go of the stroller... It did become difficult to maneuver but was damn cute. There were lots of toddlers who would come and see the 'little baby' in the pram. BB kept a close watch and shooed kids (literally) who tried to touch Z.

Right besides the stroller :-)
It so happened that Z hit BB (donno why... She hasn't hit no one before that. I guess she was taking advantage of all the love BB showered). And the moment Z realized  people were standing around and I might scold Z, he went up to my elder sis and said 'Ma, Bajsi ne maara' :-(.

For me I loved the attention Z was getting. I hope this bond strengthens with time... love the both of you.

Sharing Choc-Sticks and fun

Saturday, January 7, 2012

1st Ever Mommy Resolutions

This is the time of the year where people all around the world celebrate unanimously. This point in time (if I were working full time) I would be busy creating and sending New Year communication to our clients. 2012 has started and like every year I have some resolutions up on my list. Before you go ahead and give your 'Gyan' on resolutions, let me tell you that I'm pretty decent at handling my resolutions (have been till now). The reason why I have written "1st ever mommy resolutions" is because last year I was too busy handling a month old and cared a damn about resolutions.
This year I have tried to keep my resolutions as realistic as possible. Needless to say, most of them are Z centric.
Here goes:
Become Serious about losing weight and Lose Weight: I would not say post-partum weight because I didn’t have much weight to lose after Z was born. Handling a baby single handed, shifting to a new city, trying to settle down. Does take a toll on your life and in my case it shows, and how. So as I have already become extremely particular about eating right and being regular with my workouts. I don't think that should be a problem. Have been working out 5 days a day... I guess I need to increase it to 6 times and get my thyroid level checked.
Research/Visit all Playschools in Bangalore and get Z admitted in a nice playschool by the time she's 2 (Nov 2012) not before that for sure. Have lots of work to do here coz I'm not quite aware of Bangalore.Done and The Toddler is admitted Joins in June'13.
Potty Train Z: I was extremely sceptical about it till the time I spoke to my elder sister (mom of a 3yo). Now that I have all the tips and guidance I would initiate the process by Feb end-March.Initiated but she was young, now we're working hard on it...
Leave Z alone: You must be thinking what kind of a mother is she? Frankly, that's 1 thing I need to and want to do. I spend every hour of the day (when I'm not sleeping) with Z. When I hand over Z to anyone I become restless. It's only Faizan with whom I can leave Z, that too just for a little while. I don't want to be overprotective about her. For instance: Right now I'm in Delhi with my mum n sisters. When I'm not in front of Z she happily plays with others around but when I come in front of her eyes, she starts howling.Done it very successfully, Zoe has been left alone with her Ammoo and her Fizzy
Unwind and take out time for myself: Because with the resolution before this my day would be planned in a better manner, I intend to take out the much needed "Me-Time" (which a couple of years back was a necessity for me). Read books, watch movies, meet people, enjoy with Faizan (just the 2 of us-hopefully), be more regular with salon visits, etc. Totally, and I started MLCB, which I thought wouldn't have been possible.
Treat Fizz in a better manner: Now that I'm way out of my postpartum mode, I need to treat Fizz nicely and not just shout n scream at him. I have been really bad to him in the recent past. I know I would curse myself for making this resolution, but I seriously wanna give it the best shot. This has sure become much much better.
Stop being emotional and taking things to heart: Last year was decent, except of the fact that many people managed to hurt me. Actually I let them do this to me, so I'm responsible. If people are saying/doing stuff which is hurting me, nothing is wrong with me, but it is with them. Why should I let myself suffer?
I hate people giving me unwanted advise on bringing up Z. I have handled them very harshly, but now if the advice is uncalled-for I would just not listen.Totally
So what do you people think? Have I been too harsh on myself here? Are these resolutions realistic? What are your plans for 2012? Do lemme know.

I'm so proud of myself. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

When Z Visited Delhi

Two holidays in one month ... what else could I have asked for. Two completely different getaways. One where I enjoyed thoroughly with Fizz n Z. Beaches of Goa, bikes, Jet Ski, fab views, lots of shopping and celebrating Z's birthday in Style. The other was a family affair, visiting Delhi, meeting mum, my sisters and family after a long-long time. Here things were different, nice home-cooked food, lots of gossip, visiting Rail Museum, arguments and patch-ups, Z’s 2nd 1st birthday celebration (I know it sounds a little weird). 
Z's Delhi Birthday Cake
My last blog gave details about our fun times in Goa where Z thoroughly enjoyed. In Delhi it was a more relaxed holiday. The most stressful thing being Z wanting to cling on to me forever for 2 weeks at least. She was zapped to see new faces (besides mine). She became relaxed towards the end of the vacation. Loved being with Aanoo and Annie (My sis and bro-in-law), playing with Zef and getting pampered by Ammoo (my mommie).

Fun with Aanoo/Aanie

The Deadly Bro/Sis Duo

Best part about these weeks have been meeting family, Zef (my nephew) and Z's combined birthday celebrations, Delhi winters, shopping, and seeing Delhi malls decked up in the spirit of Christmas. The worst part - just one ... I missed Faizan not being around, because he loves Delhi food and wanted to visit the place. 

Like all things, this vacation is also coming to an end and I will Insh’Allah be back to Bangalore soon. Look forward to lots of special moments with Z and individually in 2012. Wish all you guys a special year ahead, where you can make lots of happy memories. 

Till then I will keep you updated about the year that will be.