Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Toddling Tuesday

Z is busy playing with her toys, I see an opportunity... Seeing her busy, I plan to quietly catch up on some reading... It used to be my Favorite pass time. I still love it, hardly get time to do it though.

So I sit back on my diwan and within 2 minutes, I feel someone has kept something on my lap... I hear the sound of 'book, book, book' in the background.... I ignore it, reading makes me go deaf. Then I realize someone is trying to pull away my book and the sound of 'book-book-book' becomes louder. I get irritated (read furious) and keep the book down... Just to see two innocent eyes looking at me ... They are requesting me to read out 'the Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle (her current favorite) for the nth time today. All my ghussa vanishes... I take a deep breath and read 'In the light of the Moon.......'. At least I'm able to read out to Z couple of times a day... What if I take a couple of weeks to finish one damn book I used to finish in a couple of hours earlier. Aaaah!!! Joys of parenthood...Rolls her eyes up!


  1. LOL..I can relate to this. My parents had their 'first whole day' with Shreya alone yesterday when I was in office and by evening my Mom said that she is afraid whenever she sees Shreya coming with a book in her hand towards her. ROFL.

    1. I wish Ma comes real soon. Still a month to go :)

    2. LOl on what sumita said abt her mom scared of shreya wid book!!!

      I am feeling so "J" of u girlies....parents visiting u :-(

  2. awww...Zoe is sooo cute...yeah, joys of parenthood :-D


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